Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Changed Plans & News

Unfortunately, like so many of you, my plans for travel have been cancelled. These are crazy, uncertain times we are living in and I'm just trying to roll with it and learn from it as best I can. No trip to Montana for the Special Ops con for me this summer. Hopefully, they will hold it next year, and if so I will definitely attend then.

A good thing for me that is coming out of all this down time is lots and lots of time to write and edit. My Hemlock Hollow series is re-releasing with new titles, new content (on previously published books one and two), new covers, under a new publisher. And, you will finally get the third novel in the series that has been written and steeping on the back burner for two years!!! The re-release of book one will be this October (baring a worldly tragedy, which normally I wouldn't expect, but now days, you never know), the re-release of book two will be shortly after, and the release of the all new book three will be shortly after that.

Newsletters with more details will be forth-coming when the time draws closer. And of course I will let you know as soon as I get the new cover!

How have you been coping with this crazy new world we're living in? Writing, reading, something else?

Saturday, March 7, 2020

A Very Special Conference

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Do you write about police, military, special operations peeps, or characters who can kick butt ? Then you don't want to miss this...

This June I have the pleasure of teaching a workshop and taking pitches for City Owl Press at a very unique conference in Bozeman, Montana. Bestselling author Danica Winters has teamed up with some other amazing people to bring a unique, hands-on experience to writers, actors, and entertainment industry people. Attendees will have the opportunity to pitch their novels, hone their writing skills, learn about publishing, and get special insight into the world of military and special ops to enrich their writing.

Hands-on workshops include: self-defense, elicitation (spy-fare), K-9, night ops, publishing, editing, and writing, to name a few. I am told there may actually be a chance to interact with a real grizzly. 

Among the presenters and workshop teachers are: World class agents and editors from around the U.S, Joseph Elliot consultant of the Netflix show Mindhunter, special operation members from the FBI, FBI Task Force, Army (E.O.D.), Navy (Seals), Marine Corp (Scout Sniper & Small Boat Ops), military contractors, and law enforcement special operations guys (S.W.A.T., K9 Units, & Divers). 

I mean, wow, right?! Whether you are a reader who enjoys action-packed books, an author who loves writing them, or just someone who wants to hone their survival skills, this will be an amazing conference. Hope to see you there! 

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Where is Hemlock Hollow?

This is a two-fold question, with a two-fold answer. For those who have read my paranormal series about modern day Viking werewolves, Once Bitten and Twice Turned, you know Hemlock Hollow is in Northern Colorado. For those who haven't read the books, and have now or recently checked Amazon or other retailers for them, you'll notice they are missing from those sites (aside from a few really expensive used paperbacks for sale second hand). So where have they gone?

They are no longer with that publisher, so they have been pulled from all retail sites and all that remains are a few used printed copies. Never fear, though, they are being picked up by a new publisher and will soon hit the market with new titles, new covers, and new material! And even better: the third book will be coming out soon!!! The descriptions of the first two previously published books on retail sites will announce that they were previously published under their old titles, so readers know they are not entirely new books, but do contain new material. So not to fear again, you won't accidentally pick it up thinking it's an entirely new book so long as you read the description. And, of course, I will let you know here, through my newsletter, and on my social media sites, what the new titles of the previously published novels are once they get close to coming out.