Friday, June 11, 2021

Newsletter Signup For Cover Reveal

The cover reveal for the next all new, never before published, full length novel in my Children of Fenrir series is coming! To be among the first to see it, sign up for my author NEWSLETTER HERE! In my monthly letters you'll get not only news about my books, but exclusive opportunities at giveaways and newsletter only content, so I hope you'll join me. No worries, I never spam, and it is rare that I send out more than one newsletter a month. 

***While this is technically book four in the series, it is the third full length novel because book one is a novella. 

Monday, March 15, 2021

Tempered & Turned's Origins

Tempered & Turned started it's life under a different title, with a different publisher. Originally it was published as Twice Turned with the cover on the left. 

When my original publisher first started developing the cover, they asked me to pick out models and images I liked. When I did, I bought the images myself to use as promotional material later, and I put my design skills to work to come up with my own images. When I got my rights back and it was acquired by another publisher, they loved the design I had created. We decided to use my design for the new cover with a few tweaks. That's why, if you look closely at the two covers, you'll notice the tattoos on Vidar for the cover of Tempered & Turned are slightly different. 

I feel as though the new cover portrays the mood and elements of the story a bit better, but that could just be because I had a direct hand in it and am biased. ;) Which cover draws you in more? 

Look for Ayra and Vidar's novel in it's new incarnation April 6th! 

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Tempered & Turned Cover Reveal


New Cover, Updated Material, Same Great Story!

For those of you who are new to the Children of Fenrir series, it started out with another publisher as the Hemlock Hollow series. I had two books out in the series, Once Bitten which is now Bitten & Betrayed, and Twice Turned which is now Tempered & Turned.

My new publisher has edited them, allowed me to add a bit of new material, and has given them new covers, titles, and new life! So if you read Twice Turned, you don't have to read Tempered & Turned, it is in essence the same story. However, I hope you'll buy it for a friend or grab it for that beautiful cover. And please leave a review if you enjoyed it because reviews sadly don't transfer from the old version the new one. The new incarnation releases this April!

The novella, Clawed & Cornered, is all new, never been published before, so grab that if you haven't yet. Also, stay turned for the release of the next all new full length novel later this summer!

For reference on the series: Due to retail site algorithms, my publisher is calling the novella Clawed & Cornered book one, the first full length novel Bitten & Beholden book two, and the next full length novel Tempered & Turned book three. The novella, Clawed & Cornered is all new, never before published in any format. It is the story of how Raul and Sonja met.