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Why Reviews are Important

Because they help retailers decide to recommend and feature the book more. It takes a whopping 30 reviews for most of them to even take notice of your book. Part of the reason for that is there are over 3,000 books published every single day of the year. Because of that getting noticed is harder than it has ever been. Most books fall into obscurity and barely sell enough copies to pay for a few coffees for their authors each month. That starving author thing, sadly is not a myth.  Which leads me to: The reincarnation of Once Bitten has released! In it's new life it is titled Bitten & Beholden . It is with a new publisher now, and not only has a new cover, but new material that includes a new ending! I'm so excited about what my new publisher has done with the novel that I hope you'll check it out. I really, really hope you'll consider leaving a review at online retailers, because reviews from the old version don't carry over to the new one.  If you read and lov

New Novella and Re-Vamped Novel Released!

Clawed & Cornered                 Bitten & Beholden Amazon                                  Amazon Goodreads                                   Goodreads Clawed & Cornered the brand new little novella in my Children of Fenrir series it out! Read the story of the fateful meeting that started it all.  Next week read Bitten & Beholden the revamped version of what was once Once Bitten, now with new material, new ending, a new publisher, and of course a new cover!