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What Are You Reading?

 It's that time again! Friday! Woo hoo! What do you have lined up to read this weekend? On my list are: I'm just finishing up Love at 20,000 Leagues by the amazing Lizzy Gayle, and am loving it! Trapped 20,000 leagues under the sea during a test run, a woman engineer (girl power!) with aquaphobia (how much would that suck?!) must figure out why the underwater luxury hotel is malfunctioning before the AI robot staff end up killing all the guests! It is fun, exciting, and sexy.  Next up is A Conjuring of Ravens by Azalea Ellis. I read the sample and was immediately sucked in. A bit about it from the description: "Siobhan has just been banned from the country's only magical university. As the unwitting accomplice to the theft of a priceless magical artifact, she has suddenly become a wanted criminal. There are fates worse than death, and if caught, she will face them. Unwilling to give up on her dream of becoming the world's most powerful sorcerer, she resolves to d