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PRE-ORDERS are Live for Honoring!

Pre-orders are now available on Amazon and B&N for my historical fantasy about the fae descendants during the civil war in America! And, you can even pre-order the paperback version from B&N! Pre-orders help a book's visibility and sales numbers tremendously, so I hope you'll grab yourself or a friend a copy. A huge thank you to all who do. It helps more than I can express! Author's Note: Honoring a Witch's Heart, a historical fantasy about fae descendants, started it's life as Honor Before Heart, a historical romance with no magic or fantasy elements in it. When the idea for the novel hit me, my literary agent at the time convinced me to write it as a historical romance instead of a historical fantasy because they said a historical fantasy was too much of a genre mashup, and there was no market for it because publisher's wouldn't know how to place it and sell it. So, though it broke my heart, I wrote it as a historical romance. Now, years later,

Release Date for Honoring a Witch's Heart

Honoring a Witch's Heart has a release date, March 2nd, and it is available to PRE-ORDER !  Why pre-order? Then you don't have to remember a month from now, it will automatically arrive on your ereader on release day! And, because pre-orders help a book's visibility on the retail sites tremendously And, anything that helps my books become more visible to readers helps me sell more books, which gives me more time to write more books for you. Plus, it makes you a SUPERHERO.  If you read Honor Before Heart, my historical novel, this is a fantasy historical re-imagining of that novel (or to put it better: This is the original imagining it was always intended to be)! Releases March 2nd! Here is more about it: When Union soldier Sean MacBranain awakens to a blond-haired, blue-eyed fae, he figures he must have died on the battlefield. But, as her magic fades along with his delirium, he realizes she is a field nurse serving his beloved 69th infantry. Upon learning that the wounded