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Wednesday Writing Goal~Editing Milestone

Last week my goal was to hit the 200 page mark on my revision/rewrite of my special project, and I did it! It wasn't easy because the rewrite kept making the manuscript longer, which was pushing my goal out farther and farther. But I stuck with it and made it! Have you ever revised and found yourself adding a lot more to your manuscript than you had originally planned? Did you make your writing goals for last week? If you have time please stop by the Critique Sisters' Corner and enter to win a copy of Flight For Control by Karlene Petitt. I'm giving it away on that blog as part of the celebration for my release tour for Channeler's Choice. All you have to do to enter to win Flight For Control is leave a comment on the Critique Sisters' Corner post at this link . There aren't many entries yet so your chances of winning are good! When you're done I hope you'll visit me at my good friend and author Tina Moss's blog where she is interviewing the he

Tuesday Writing Tip~Reading Aloud

One of the greatest editing discoveries I've ever made it reading my novel aloud. This is one of the last steps in the editing process that I do and it always amazes me how much I catch even after so much work by myself and my beta readers. I've even caught things an editor has missed this way. Tip: When you think you're finished editing your novel read it aloud, either to someone or to yourself. It's important to take your time with it and not just read what your eye 'thinks' it sees, but what is really on the page. A few friends of mine have a program that has their computer read it aloud to them. Super cool, but the computer voice would kind of freak me out. But if you're adventurous and techie enough, it's probably worth a shot. Today for the Channeler's Choice tour I'm over at my friend the fabulous author G.P. Ching's blog . Before you go, don't forget to click on the sidebar link to enter the Channeler's Choice tour givea

Channeler's Choice Release and Tour

To celebrate the release of Channeler's Choice I'm doing a blog tour that launches today and goes through March 15 th along with a giveaway. Here are the prizes: Winner #1: An eBook of Tangled Tides by Karen Amanda Hooper An eBook of Running Wide Open by Lisa Nowak An eBook of The Secret Of Spruce Knoll (if you don’t have a copy yet, or a paperback if you don't have an reader) A paperback of Born Of Fire & Dies Irae (novella combination by Heather McCorkle and Christine Fonseca released through Compass Press) And of course, Channeler’s Choice swag (bookmarks, postcards, etc.) Winner #2 An eBook of Beautiful Demons & Inner Demons by Sarra Cannon An eBook of Bound by C.K. Bryant An eBook of The Secret Of Spruce Knoll (if you don’t have a copy yet, or a paperback if you don't have an ereader) A paperback of Born Of Fire & Dies Irae (novella combination by Heather McCorkle and Christine Fonseca released through Com

Friday Flash Fiction Fail~But Progress

Look at those beauties! They kind of make me teary-eyed, I have to admit. I am biased, but I think it may be the best cover ever. It's hard to see in the picture but there is something special about the back cover as well. To see and understand what it is though, you'll have to get a bound copy of the book and read it! At the end of my tour for CC (March 17th) a special prize will go to the person who can tell me what is special about the back cover and why. If you would like a signed copy you can order one at this link . I know, I know, no Creature Feature again this Friday. Let the flogging commence. *braces self* Between preparing for the Channeler's Choice blog tour tomorrow and revising my special project, I haven't had time even for flash fiction. The good news is that I'm making a lot of progress on my special project and that I'll be announcing it next month. It's monumental and it's been pushed up by months which is forcing me to work my f

Book Release Celebration~It's a little haywire

Today I'm celebrating the release of a dear friend's outstanding, illustrated middle grade novel, It's a little haywire by Elle Strauss. It was my distinct pleasure to design the cover for this novel, but I didn't do all the work. We tweaked and worked on it, but it was missing something. Then Elle had the idea to add a dog drawn by one of her kids to the cover. They drafted it up, sent it my way, I added it to the cover, and perfection! Now that's a special touch that most authors don't do. It made this one of my favorite covers that I've designed so far. Here is a bit about the novel: Owen True is eleven and eleven twelfths and has been “exiled” to the small crazy town of Hayward, WA, aka, Haywire, while his mother is on her honeymoon. All he has to whittle away the time is the company of Gramps, his black lab Daisy, and his Haywire friends, Mason and Mikala Sweet. They don’t look so hot this year, in fact, the whole town has gone to pot since the mi

Release Celebration~Flight For Control

Happy book birthday to Flight For Control by Karlene Petitt! I've been waiting for this one for so long and I'm so excited that it's finally out! I remember the first time I read part of it, years ago when I met Karlene at a writer's retreat. I immediately knew it was something special. And now, finally, all of you get to read it! As I am a YA author and often recommend YA reads, I have to let you know though, Flight For Control is NOT a YA novel. It's very adult, thriller genre in fact. But it's oh so good! So, for all of my adult readers, here is a bit about Flight For Control: After a ten-year leave, Kathryn Jacobs has been invited back to the N.T.S.B to investigate a series of unexplained airline crashes. But her husband, Captain Bill Jacobs, has his concerns. While her twin daughters are off at camp, and Bill is actively campaigning for the Pilot Union Presidency, Kathryn secretly begins her investigation. What she learns will shock the nation. Fli

Monday's Muse~A Reason To Write

Last week I was reminded of one of the main reasons I write. Between thinking about grammar, sentence structure, flow, voice, plot, and character building, we writers can lose sight of one of the most important elements of our story; the readers. A friend called me up one night last week to tell me he had come home to find his daughter with her Nook in one hand and a broom in the other, attempting to read as she swept the floor. He laughed at her and told her that must be a really good book to make her read while trying to work. She said it was and that she was so close to the end she couldn’t stop reading it. It was my book. I may have laughed for joy then got teary-eyed when he told me this story. I’ll never tell. Later that night he called back and told me she was dying to read the next one. I told him how to find it and I could hear her cheering in the background. She said she hadn’t read anything that good since Harry Potter and Twilight. In all my life, I never expected to stac

Wednesday Writing Goal~New Short

Last week my goal was to finish editing a short to add to Born Of Fire. It gives a glimpse into Aiden's life and personality a bit farther than Born Of Fire does.The short helps the story come full circle and gives a better look at what Aiden must overcome. I wrote this short because Compass Press is releasing a special edition of Born Of Fire & Dies Irae (Christine Fonseca's Requiem novella) together in a paperback version! I'm so excited about this because it not only means that Born Of Fire will be next to another amazing novella, but that I'll get to hold it in my hands! And so will you! For anyone who already purchased Born Of Fire, let me know and I'll be happy to send you a copy of the updated version in Nook or Kindle format. But for those who would like it in print, the paperback will be available next month! Until then, you can add it to your Goodreads list here if you would like. What were your goals last week?

Valentine's Day Celebration

Happy Valentine's day everyone! As you know, today is the release of the  In His Eyes , the anthology in which you can find a story from Fane's point of view. If you're in search of the perfect Valentine's Day gift , look no further, because the Indelibles are about to point you in the direction of some dreamy books.  Whether you gift a collection of e-books or wrap one special paperback up in pretty paper with a single red rose on top, you're bound to score BIG POINTS on Valentine's Day with these novels. BOUND by C. K. Bryant CLOCKWISE by Elle Strauss CROSS MY HEART by Katie Klein DESTINED by Jessie Harrell EXILED by RaShelle Workman GLIMPSE by Stacey Wallace Benefiel HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN by Magan Vernon THE SECRET OF SPRUCE KNOLL by Heather McCorkle TANGLED TIDES by Karen Amanda Hooper THE VEIL by Cory Putnam Oakes WATCHED by Cindy Hogan and... IN HIS EYE S, an

Monday's Muse~Novel Release & Tagging

Last week my muse was delighted to find the hardback of Channeler's Choice has sneaked it's way onto Amazon ! It's a very unique (and frightening) feeling to see your novel up on retail sites for the first time. It shows out of stock because it hasn't officially released yet (February 27th) but it is available for order. *happy dance* What's even better is that I received a small shipment of books so I can offer a few signed copies. If you'd like a signed hardback you can check them out here . If I don't ship to your area let me know and I can factor in the shipping and add a button for you. But if you're an eBook person don't worry, the eBook version will be available by the launch date of February 27th. In other fun, I've been tagged by Yelena Casale and she gave me these questions to answer: If you could only visit one place in the world, where would you go? That ones easy, Ireland. Do you think you're an introvert or an extrovert?

Wednesday Writing Goal

What a week! It was another one of those that seemed to be over before it started. This year is already turning out to be a whirlwind that I can't seem to step out of. But I'm going to take that as a good thing and ride it. Last week my writing goal was to finishing reading and approve my proof of Channeler's Choice, and I did! That was one deadline I barely made. Whew! No time to catch my breath though. There's that secret project of awesomeness that I have to start on, like now. Off to it I go. How about you, did you make your writing goals for last week? What are they for this week? Remember, even small goals help us move forward.

Teaser Tuesday~Arrivals

In only one week the anthology with Fane's story (and many other fabulous stories) in it releases! Oh, did I mention it will be free? Cause it will. Just look at these fabulous authors that contributed to it: S.R. Johannes , C.K. Bryant , Elle Strauss, Susan Kaye Quinn , Jessie Harrell , Magan Vernon , Lisa Nowak , Heather McCorkle , Ali Cross , Karen Amanda Hooper , Cory Putman Oakes , Laura Pauling , Stacey Wallace Benefiel , Katie Klein , Cheri Lasota , RaShelle Workman . I can't tell you how honored I am to have my story among such outstanding authors. Today's teaser is from my story in the anthology, Family Bonds. Fane has just arrived in Spruce Knoll in this scene: Jack-o-lanterns carved into frightening guises were placed throughout the house, on the coffee table, the loft stairs, even the kitchen counter. By the intricately carved designs, they were his mother’s handiwork no doubt. “How wonderfully American,” he said. To add the In His Eyes anthology to

Monday's Muse~Swag Creation

As the release date for my next novel approaches I’m inspired by swag. There is so many different options out there that it can be overwhelming. I’ve narrowed it down to a site that I like which creates swag but a nagging question remains; what do readers really enjoy receiving when it comes to swag. So I hope you’ll bear with me and answer a survey. Just put the selections that you like, in the order you prefer them, in a comment below. A) Bookmarks B) Small Magnets C) Postcards D) Posters E) Stickers F) Key Chains G) T-shirts H) Tote Bags Thanks for your help everyone! What inspired you last w eek?

Overworked and Overwhelmed

As those of you who write know, it isn't easy being a writer. We usually work full time jobs and then squeeze in writing time whenever we can. Now that I'm published, have another novel on the way, and a special project in the works it feels as though I have two full time jobs. My hubby loves it. He can go for days without shaving before I notice. Not good. Until things calm down on the work front and writing front, I'll be posting Friday Creature Feature's every other Friday to give myself a bit more time to get my other work done. I hope you'll forgive me. The special project I have in the works for May should definitely make up for it. ;) 

Release Celebration~Devotion

Today I'm pleased to be celebrating the release of my friend, and fabulous author, Kristie Cook's latest novel in her Soul Saver series, Devotion. I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peak of this novel and I got to write a blurb for it! Here is a bit about it: With powerful abilities gained from the Ang’dora and Tristan back by her side, Alexis thinks she’s ready for the next challenge— protecting her son from what appears to be the inevitable. But she has so much to learn about her powers, her new world and the people in it. Nothing is what it seems to be on the surface, including the Amadis. Power-hungry politicians comprise the council and make impossible demands. A traitor lurks among them all, inciting trouble that could destroy the Amadis and, ultimately, humanity. The Daemoni wreak havoc in the human world, with the ultimatum that they’ll continue attacking innocents until Alexis and Tristan are expelled from the Amadis’ protection. The couple’s own society begi

Release Celebration~Dies Irae

Happy book birthday to the novella Dies Irae by Christine Fonseca ! It is a young adult tale about angels that is fresh and exciting and will turn the entire angel trend on it's head (in my humble opinion ;). Believe me, you haven't read anything like it. I had the chance to catch Christine for a short interview that will give you a bit more insight. To win a copy (eBook) leave a comment on this post! The winner will be announced on February 8th. What inspired you to write this particular novel? Christine: DIES IRAE was inspired by a story told in the first novel in the series, LACRIMOSA (releasing in March) about the history between two characters, Mikayel and Azzaziel. The story was a pivatol moment in the relationship between the characters. So, when the opportunity came to tell THAT story, I couldn’t wait to jump at it. And WOW, what an amazing experience it has been. So profound for me as the author. It gave me an insight into both Mikayel and Azza beyond anythin