Saturday, February 22, 2014

Book Review: Shadowmaster

When I saw this on NetGalley I was hesitant to read yet another vampire novel. There are so many greats out there that they've become hard to stand up to. But I'm glad I took a chance on this one because it falls right in with the greats for me. Harlequin Nocturne, and Susan Krinard, does not disappoint.

In this dystopian future vampires and humans struggle to co-exist together, poised on the brink of war. Packed with action, intrigue, and a very steamy star-crossed lover story, this novel kept me up into the night even when I had to work early the next day. The twists and turns kept me guessing at who to trust and what both Drakon and Pheonix's motives truly were.

It earns four and half strong stars from me. I would recommend this for fans of urban fantasy, vampires, and dystopian romance. This novel does contain content suitable for adults only.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cover Reveal for Honor Among Orcs by Amalia Dillin

I'm excited to be participating in the cover reveal for a great author friend of mine, Amalia Dillin. The design is by Melissa Stevens. Don't miss the fantastic giveaway at the end of the post! Without further ado, here it is:

Honor Among Orcs
by Amalia Dillin 

Designed by: Melissa Stevens 
Publication Date: April 1, 2014
Series: Orc Saga, Book One
Genre: Fantasy (18+)

After nearly a decade as the king’s whipping-girl, Princess Arianna has no intention of going quietly into marriage to some treasonous noble, or serving obediently as the king’s spy until her death is more convenient. When she discovers a handsome orc, chained and trapped inside a magic mirror, Arianna cannot help but see a lasting freedom from her father's abuse.

Left to rot inside a mirror by the king, Bolthorn never imagined his prayers would be answered by a princess. Nor did he ever expect to meet so worthy a woman after knowing her father’s cruelty. He needs her help to escape the mirror before the king marches against the orcs, but all he can offer Arianna is ice and darkness in exchange for her aid.

If Arianna can free the monster behind the glass, perhaps she might free herself, as well. But once they cross the mountain, there will be no return, and the deadly winter is the least of what threatens them on the other side. Romance blossoms in this gripping fantasy adventure.


He knew these woods, sparse as they had become, and when they broke, he knew the tundra of the foothills too. Just before dawn, he found the outcrop beneath which he had made a shelter his first night beyond the mountains, and though he did not dare to light a fire, the sedge made a soft bed.

After a meal of apples and cheese, the last of their food, Arianna curled against his side, sharing the fur, and rested her head on his shoulder. He tested her forehead for fever and breathed his relief when she did not burn against his palm.

She tugged his hand away, a small smile curving her lips. “You worry overmuch. There are still two days of warmth before I must fight your cruel winds. I will be well enough for your mountains by then.”

His fingers lingered against her skin and her smile faded. He traced the clan-markings on her cheek and her lips parted, her heart thrumming in his ears.

“Bolthorn –”

Up the bridge of her nose and over her eyebrow, the umber flaked from her skin, coloring his fingertip. Down along the line of her jaw, to the pulse point beneath. Her breathing hitched. He only wished the marks had reached her collarbone, to give him some excuse to trail his fingers across the smooth skin there.

“You make a beautiful orc.”

“Not a Vala?” she asked, her eyelashes sweeping across her cheek.

“The Vala cannot marry.” The sunlight caught in her hair, flashing reds within the rich brown and he smoothed the soft, wild strands from her face. “They cannot bear children, or know the touch of any kind of man after they have made their vows. They know only the ancestors and the mysteries they reveal.”

“Oh,” she breathed.

Oh. It was the first thing she had ever said to him, trembling against the stone. She trembled now, too. As she should, he thought, knowing herself within the arms of an orc. He closed his eyes and drew his hand back. This was a dangerous game to play with her so near, so vulnerable.

“Sleep well, princess,” he said, his jaw tight against his need. “You’ll want your strength.”

She made a noise in the back of her throat, but when he glanced at her, she had turned away.

About the Author

Amalia Dillin began as a Biology major before taking Latin and falling in love with old heroes and older gods. After that, she couldn't stop writing about them, with the occasional break for more contemporary subjects. She lives in upstate New York with her husband, and dreams of the day when she will own goats--to pull her chariot through the sky, of course. 

Amalia is the author of the Fate of the Gods trilogy from World Weaver Press, and the soon to be released Orc Saga, coming April 1, 2014. You can learn more about her work at

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Indie ReCon is Almost Here

In less than two weeks, IndieReCon will return to the web, and we'd love to have you join us! 

IndieReCon, in its second year, is a free online writer's conference dedicated to indie publishing.

Last year, IndieReCon was awesome with chats and giveaways and days of helpful and pertinent information. This year will be even bigger and better!

Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath will speak about The Evolving Indie Industry and Standing out in the Pile and then entertain your questions. You'll discover insider secrets from representatives from Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and Goodreads, and learn how to write fast, try your hand at serials, work with other authors to maximize your marketing efforts and much, much more, including tons of prizes and giveaway!

Not to mention, it's a great place to network, connect and have a lot of fun.

See you at IndieReCon!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Book Review: Peacemaker

Harry Dresden meets the Wild Wild West in this refreshingly different steampunk old west novel. Caleb is a war veteran and a hero with morals in a time that wasn't known for either morals or heroes. The author plunges us into an interesting, and oddly believable considering the elements of magic, world that is fascinating. With just the right amount of action, magic, and mystery, this novel quickly became a favorite for me.

Mechanical horses, magic wielding lawmen, and a jackalope familiar, what's not to love? Those who don't have the ability to use magic are the minority and are considered damaged, it makes for a very interesting world. I would highly recommend this if you enjoy westerns or steampunk as it is an excellent combination of the two.

Find it on:

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

About the #WritersRoad

In the vacuum created by the loss of our favorite chat years ago, a friend, Tee Tate, and I created the #WritersRoad. We also have a Facebook group, though the live chat occurs on Twitter (via Tweetdeck is one of the easiest apps to use).

Tee and I co-host this chat the first Monday of every month on Twitter at 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time (9:00pm for our east coast friends). We chat about everything related to the writer's road. We decide on a topic based on the needs of our chatters (suggestions are welcome on both Twitter and our Facebook group) and we announce it the weekend before on Twitter. On the off weeks that we don't chat, we engage in #WordWar (still using the #WritersRoad hashtag as well), an hour long writing sprint where we check in at the end with out word count and encourage each other along the way.

We often have outstanding guests be they authors, agents, editors, or another type of publishing industry professionals. This is a great opportunity to network with other writers or agents, perhaps find a critique group, learn about the craft of writing, or just enjoy the support of our fantastic writing community. This chat is often trending so be ready for a hopping time!

Please note: We are ecstatic that #WritersRoad has become a common hashtag on Twitter now, used for many things besides the chat. Thank you to all who have made us a household name! We only ask that you refrain from using the hashtag during the chat on Monday's for things that aren't related to the chat. Any other time, we are honored. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Indie Romance Convention Awards

It's time for the Indie Romance Convention awards. The indie romance convention is a celebration of the culture and fantastic talent that has emerged as a result of the independent writer’s revolution. And it's time to nominate your favorite indie romance authors for their awards!

For those who feel so graciously inclined to vote for me, here are my books that qualify and which awards they qualify for:

Best Indie Fantasy Romance Book: The Dragon Empire
Best Indie Author of The Year: Heather McCorkle
Best New Upcoming Series: The Dragon Empire

My channeler series doesn't qualify because they were all published before 2013, save for Fire With Fire which doesn't quite fall under the romance genre. If you do end up voting for me or my books, I cannot thank you enough! I have cast my votes for all of my favorite indie authors, now it's your turn. Whether or not you vote for me, please vote and help support indies!

Here's a bit more about IRC: It is their hope to highlight, educate, introduce, inspire and entertain people interested in the entrepreneurs that have made indie publishing such a success. It is not just writers they hope to spotlight, but also those who help them to achieve their goals such as bloggers, reviewers, cover artists, editors and of course, the most important of all, readers.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Book Birthday Flight For Safety

Happy book birthday to Flight For Safety by one of my very best friends, Karlene Petitt! Not for the faint of heart, this adult aviation thriller will literally leave you breathless. Written with the inside knowledge and depth of experience that only an airline pilot possesses, this book is unique in its accuracy and detail. But it's the exquisite writing and characters that will captivate you.

Here is a bit about it:

Global Air Lines merges with Coastal creating the largest airline in the world. In the fallout Captain Darby Bradshaw’s 4th stripes are ripped from her shoulders as she is bumped to first officer. Leaving her Boeing behind she is checked out on the Airbus A330. Compliments of sitting reserve she has not flown for nine-months.

But when Pacific Airlines Flight 574 is found in a watery grave, a Boeing 777 crashes short of a runway, and Global Air Lines implements a ‘train yourself at home’ program, Darby decides it’s time to take action before another crash occurs.

Darby tells the world, on her training blog, why the Pacific Airlines A330 crashed and all hell breaks loose.

Forced to pull the post she is called into the chief pilot’s office and her career threatened. But when her boyfriend, a Global check airman, disappears and numerous airline incidents are covered up, Darby realizes she has stepped into the heart of a far-reaching conspiracy, where each flight has turned into a game of Russian roulette.

Be sure to check it out, and remember, reviews and word of mouth are the greatest gift you can give an author if you like their work.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Book Review: Blades of the Old Empire

Elements of The Tudors (minus the sex) mix with The Sword of Truth (minus the gratuitous violence) in this medieval tale of magic and court intrigue. Strong roots and parallels to history keep the reader grounded and enrich the world of this novel while magic and the characters keep it fresh and interest.

That said, it was not for me. There are undertones of religion that were too thick for my liking. The whole religion against magic thing just never has set right with me, and while it makes for an interesting book, it's just not the type I like to read. That coupled with the court intrigue~which is another element that causes me to fall asleep rather than turn the pages~made this a book that is not for me.

However, it is well written, contains interesting characters, and many are going to love it. So please, don't discount it on my hangups, as they are mine and mine alone.

Find it on: