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Bared & Betrayed Has Released!

I have been waiting so long to share Elexis and Raul's story with you, and it is finally out TODAY! This is an all new, never before published, full length novel in my Children of Fenrir series.  This novel has been written for sometime, but between switching publishers and re-releasing books 1 and 2 in the series, this one had to wait for it's moment in the spotlight. But today is that moment!  I hope you'll grab it today for yourself or a friend, and after reading, if you enjoy it, I would be eternally grateful if you leave a review on Amazon, B&N, etc..  PURCHASE HERE.

1 Week Until Bared & Betrayed Releases!

I can hardly beleive Bared & Betrayed releases in only one week! Time is absolutely flying by! Hang on, let me grab a paper bag to hyperventilate into. One might think after releasing ten books out into the world already, this would get easier. Nope. Not even a little. I am as nervous as ever, hoping people will like it, that it will speak to them in some way, or at the very least entertain them and they will recommend it to everyone they know, and don't know.  To celebrate I'm taking part in #MonsterMash (see the post below this one), celebrating with my friends this weekend, doing giveaways on social media (keep an eye out all next week on my Twitter and Instagram account for pop up ebook giveaways!), and a special giveaway to my newsletter subscribers next week as well. So what is Bared & Betrayed all about?  It is the all new novel in my Children of Fenrir series, the one that brings the three altogether and sets the stage for something special which I will announ

Spooky Season Celebration & Giveaways!

In celebration of the spooky season (our favorite season!) the authors listed above, along with myself, are doing a massive celebration with both a collaborative giveaway (which you can enter below) and individual giveaways which you can find in the links below. Each of us will be doing something fun and unique, so be sure to check out each site.  For additional fun and giveaways check out these authors on these days: October 1st: Chrissey Harrison   October 2nd: Janet Walden West October 3rd: Courtney Maguire October 5th: Lizzy Gayle October 7th: Brooklyne Ann October 8th: Shane Lee October 11th: Cari Z October 12th: Heather McCorkle  October 13th: Danielle Devor October 14th: Kat Turner October 15h: Kristin Jacques October 16th: Frank Tybush October 20th: Chrissey Harrison October 23rd: Courtney Maguire October 27th: Jaycee Jarvis October 28th: Ashley R. King October 29th: J.E. McDonald October 30th: Chrissey Harrison For the big ebook bundle giveaway, enter below: a Rafflecopter giv