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Proving the Traditional Publishing Industry Wrong

I hope you'll help me in proving the traditional publishing industry wrong. Coming, this March, the book that Honor Before Heart, my historical romance was always meant to be, Honoring a Witch's Heart, now a historical fantasy about fae descendants living in America during the Civil War. And here is the cover reveal: When I had the original idea for this novel, I talked to my agent about it. They said it sounded like it would be a tough sell due to the dual genres of fantasy and historical. It would be too hard to sell to a publisher, they said. They convinced me to write it is as just a historical romance instead, removing all fantasy elements from it. Though it broke my heart, I did it. And they were able to sign it to a publisher. Unfortunately, the series sold poorly. I hold no ill will toward my agent, they advised me in the way they thought was best, and they had good intentions.  After several years, I finally got my right back and I have rewritten it to the way I always

Cover Reveal for Tiger Tracking

The cover for the next novel in my Shifter Seeker series, Tiger Tracking, is here! Here is a bit about it: Releasing May of 2023. The children of Fenrir aren't the only shifters rising. Despite being a newly bitten werewolf, as the seeker of shifterkind, Sonya thought for a hot minute she'd come close to seeing it all. Until she came across Jin, a tiger shifter on the run from a gang of grizzly shifters. Taking him in will mean bringing a lot of heat onto her friends, but she can't turn away a supernatural in need of help.  Mixing canines and felines proves challenging when he meets her group of misfits--werewolves and coyote shifters--not to mention her boyfriend. And then there's the problem of her reaper best friend... But all those issues fall to the side as the Grizzly Gang descends on her found family in search of not just a rare tiger shifter, but this one in particular. Because it turns out, Jin has something they desperately want--something that might open a ga