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Friday Creature Feature~Obia

The ground quakes beneath my paws, making the hut I pass shake. The thatch roof makes a swishing sound as the walls sway and nearly collapse. This telltale sign of my approach causes me no concern. Though people scamper from my path and pull back into the shadows cast by dusk, they don’t run. They know better. There is no escape. Any attempt to do so would only raise the ire of my master even more and she is not one any soul~living or dead~would want to aggravate. My long tail whips out behind me, deterring any would-be-heroes stupid enough to challenge me. I pass a man huddled against a hut who tried once. A jagged scar mars half his face and closes one eye; a reminder of his stupidity. I bare my fangs at him just to see him quake and nearly collapse. My striped chest shakes with a chuckle as I move on. There is no door upon the hut that I approach, nothing to even give the occupants the illusion of the ability to keep me out. Within a woman kneels upon the dirt floor, rocking b

The Rector Tour Is Coming

It's finally coming, the last novel in the channeler series, Rise of a Rector. Only a few more weeks, and you know what that means, it's time to prepare for a blog tour. From mid-October through the beginning of November I'll be all over the blogosphere talking about my novels, characters, doing interviews, and other fun shenanigans. If you'd like to join in and host me for a stop at your blog I would be eternally grateful and will send you a special thank you gift. To join in and have your blog be a stop along my tour please contact me at this link . To start off the fun early I'm doing a live chat tonight alongside the fabulous author Christine Fonseca on Twitter. We'll be chatting about our books, writing, publishing, and all manner of fun. And you know us, of course we'll be doing giveaways too! Hope to see you there tonight, 6pm Pacific Time. Click this link to join us!

Monday's Muse~Chatting With Friends

In the chaos of editing, writing, cover designing, and preparing for the release of the final novel in the channeler series, it appears that fall sneaked up upon me. While driving back and forth between the house we're selling and the one we just bought (150 miles!) I normally have my nose pointed (don't worry, I'm not the one driving!) at a notebook, diligently writing. But during this last trip last week I wasn't able to write due to a headache (couldn't be overworking myself, naw) so I actually looked around and enjoyed the company and the ride. Fall colors has transformed the landscape into golds, browns, reds, and oranges, much to my surprise. The last time I looked up I think it was spring. Seriously. The realization was a splash of cold water. I must step back and breathe, enjoy my family and friends, and live. I'm going to embrace that and chat with all of you lovely people not only this coming Monday night at 6pm Pacific Time on the #WritersRoad, but

A Mind-Blowing Read

You know that feeling, when you realize you've committed to maybe a dozen too many things? Yep that feeling it totally driving me into the ground about now. I got myself into it though so I can't complain too much. The only thing to do at this point is bend to the grindstone and get it done. Which is why my posts have been sporadic, you haven't seen me around the usual places as often, and when you have I sort of twitch like I've had ten too many quadruple espressos. Next week I plan to be back on track though with the usual posts (and yes, Friday Creature Features returns next week too!) so I hope you'll bare with me. Until then I'd love to recommend the best psychological thriller you'll read this year, maybe the best ever, Transcend by Christine Fonseca . It just released in eBook format and should be available in print any time now. Seriously, this book blew my mind. It is one of my favorite books of the year, heck, of the last ten years. It's t

Monday's Muse~Fall Road

I’m working on a secret project that I hopefully get to tell you all about soon. This image inspired me as I worked on it the project last week. Like the picture, this project is a dark~channeler related~one, and that’s all I can give away about it right now. Last week I finished reading The Selkie Spell by Sophie Moss . It was a beautifully written tale of Irish lore that I absolutely adored. For a full review click here . Now I’m reading Artemis Rising by Cheri Lasota and am loving it. Such a rich story, in such a rich setting, I highly recommend checking it out. What inspired you last week? Reading anything great that you’d like to recommend? Picture credit: Design by CP Design , pictures from: © Moswyn | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

Wednesday Writing Goals~Anthology

Last week my goal was to finish the first draft of my short story for the Winter Wonders anthology, and I did! *happy dance* No, I will not insert a video, trust me, you don't want to see it. I haven't revealed what this one is about yet so you're in for a bit of an inside scoop today. This short is an epic fantasy type of short complete with elves and dragons. Oh yeah. I'm going back to my roots baby, and it feels GOOD! Why the switch, you may wonder? Well, next year my very first epic fantasy novel is releasing from Compass Press! And the short story is about one of the main characters in my epic fantasy novel. So it's kind of a sneak peek. I'm just full of great announcements today. Hey, what can I say, it's one of those days. How about you? Did you meet your writing goals last week? What are they for this week?

A Day Of Remembrance- 911

We should never forget the tragedies of our history, lest we allow them to reoccur. Today I honor and remember those who died and the loved ones they left behind. They have been honored in song , literature , and pop culture and I will continue to honor them all of my days. This image was designed by CP Design with photos from: © Paul65516 | © Gary718 | at  Stock Free Images . Reproduce or use of it in any form is not permitted.

Monday's Muse~Melting Snow

What an odd thing for inspiration you may be thinking. Well that's me, odd. ;) Seriously though, I'm working on my short story for the Winter Wonders anthology (due out this December) so snowy landscapes have dominated my computer screen in an attempt to inspire me during some of the hottest days of the summer here. Thankfully, it's been working! I finished the first draft of the story and am working on editing it right now. So what's with the melting part? Well, this month I wrote about the warming of the Arctic and its effect on the animals there in an article for the IS Foundation. I'm loving being a part of the foundation and contributing with an article each month. It's fun to write non-fiction for a change. Did I really just say that?! Anyway, if you'd like to read it, click here .

Absence & Thursday Writing Tip

If you’re a regular of mine then you may have noticed how sporadic my posts have been lately. I’ve been crazy busy editing five projects, working on three covers for clients , organizing and writing posts for both this blog and my Indie Elite blog, the occasional post on the Indelibles blog, working a full time ‘day’ job, and trying to squeeze in writing time in between all the chaos. To say its been hard would be a monumental understatement. You know you’ve overstretched yourself when you start justifying sleeping less to get more done. Which is about where I’m at right now. But I miss you peeps terribly and I’ve decided to make myself a schedule so I can spend more time with you, drop by your blogs and say hi, that kind of thing. So my writing tip for this week is: Keep a calendar to help yourself organize your writing time, editing time, and other projects. And, don’t over commit! Now, if only I can follow my own advice... How about you, how do you cope with the craziness tha

Contest Winners & Sale News

Last week marked the end of three contests so I have a bunch of winners to announce. The winner of the To Ride A Puca online signing party (and a hardback of Lacrimosa by Christine Fonseca and a paperback of The Secret of Spruce Knoll) is: Tina Moss Congratulations Tina! The winner of the Cover Reveal Contest (for bloggers, an eBook~or a few~of their choice up to $10) is: Laura Diamond Congrats Laura! The two winners of the Cover Reveal Giveaway (for blog commentors, fans, friends, ect. and an eBook of To Ride A Puca) are: Laura C. Howard and Theresa Nowaczyk And as the post title says, I have news about a sale. Just in time for the holiday and back to school, To Ride A Puca is on sale for only .99 cents at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble ! So if you didn't win or haven't had a chance to pick it up yet, now is your chance to get a killer deal on it. But hurry, it will only be on sale through Sunday September 9th. If you'd like to shout