Twitter Tuesday~Getting Published, Contests & More

Now that I'm editing instead of writing I've spent a lot more time on the internet, which of course means more time on Twitter! It isn't all play. I'm researching my next novel and I drop in on Twitter for a break now and then. The result is a bunch of excellent tweets for you! If you're on submission or plan on submitting any time soon you must read this one:
@V_Motter 86% rejection rate. Learn how to be in the 14% request.

If you're thinking about submitting to the Sandra Dijkstra agency you must read this! If you aren't thinking about submitting to them, you should. ;-)
@Natalie_Fischer Check it out!!! Official new SDLA sub guidelines UP AND RUNNING!  #agents, #amwriting

Do you write young adult or are you thinking about writing it? You should read this:
@WritersDigest I wanna write YA - Yeah. So there's no denying that YA and books for teens are where it's at these days. Everyone's ...  

Golden advice about getting published from one of my Twitter friends:
@V_Motter The difference between writers and authors: authors researched how to get published.

Super agent Nathan talks about a writers platform:
@NathanBransford What "platform" means and why it's important:…

This is a must read about something writers must not do:
@jsubject RT @RachelleGardner Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent: 10 Ways to Annoy a Literary Agent

Here is an excellent contest you don't want to miss if you write paranormal romance or urban fantasy for adult or YA:
@WritersDigest Sixth ''Dear Lucky Agent'' Contest: Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy

Another great contest for writers:
@WeronikaJanczuk New blog post! Do You Know . . .: about the Secret Agent contest on Miss Snark's First Victim blog?Nearly every mo...

It was an excellent week on Twitter for writers! Do any of you know of any great contests I may not have mentioned? For writers or readers?


  1. You have a treasure chest of goodies here! Thanks Heather:)

  2. Great list Heather! Thanks for including one of my retweets too! :)

  3. Thanks Tamika! I love the way you put that. :)

  4. You're welcome Jessica! Thank you so much for retweeting it, otherwise I would have missed it.

  5. Heather, this is great that you take the time to post writer's tweets. I love it. I also smiled when I read you drop by for a break. I too find myself dropping by for a break... from life.
    Does a major rewrite mean editing?
    XOXO Karlene

  6. Its the perfect place to take a break isn't it Karlene?! And yes, I would say a major rewrite is editing! Happy editing!

  7. Oh, I was in the MSFV contest and got some great feedback. Fortunately the agent would have read on, and she happens to be on the top of my list of agents to query. :D

  8. That's great news Stina! It seems like an excellent contest. My fingers are crossed for you that the agent's interest stays piqued!


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