Monday's Muse~San Francisco Conference

My muse last week was the San Francisco Writers Conference. It was all the good things I'd heard about it and so much more. This first picture is the view from my room at night. I'm not a city girl but it's hard not to be inspired by so much life and activity. My first impression of coming in to San Francisco is that these people are afraid of the dark. I've never seen so many lights, and no I haven't been to Vegas but I have been to Reno. ;)

The conference was big but the presenters (agents, editors, and authors) made themselves very accessible the entire time. There was a wonderful cocktail party where I had the chance to chat with agents Laurie McClean, Donald Maass, Jill Marsal and more. I was delighted to meet and hang out with my Twitter buddy Carol Valdez who in turn introduced me to Shannon Messenger. The two of them took great care of me during the conference and were sweet as could be. I also had the chance to meet agent Vickie Motter who's blog I am a huge fan of, not to mention she is kind as could be. Guess what, even better in person!

There was the Ask A Pro session where we had the chance to either pitch to an editor or ask them a question. I sat at the table of Annette Pollert, editor of Simon Pulse and had the chance to not only pitch to her, but to absorb all the wonderful information she was so gracious to dish out to us all. Agent Speed Dating was NOT the nightmare I imagined it to be. Seriously, it wasn't! We were all let into a big room and told to line up in front of the agents we wanted to pitch to and to choose carefully in case there wasn't enough time. There was plenty of time though and there was little to no pressure. I pitched to Laurie McClean, who I have been a bit of a fangirl of for years and just now felt I had something good enough to send to, Ilse Craane of Bookstop Literary, and the fabulous Vickie Motter of Andrea Hurst Literary. I'm beyond thrilled to say there were requests all around.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! And ooh, you got to meet Donald Maass! And double-ooh, you got requests! What more could a writer ask for. Great!

  2. Oh wow! Congrats Heather! It sounds like you had another amazing experience! Keep 'em coming - I like living vicariously :)

  3. WooHooo!! Requests all around FTW!!! :) I knew you'd dazzle them.

    I'm so happy you enjoyed yourself.


  4. Heather, this was an incredible muse for you. I'm excited to watch the flowers grow from the seeds you've just planted. Welcome home. Look at this muse often... a reminder of the great opportunities out there. I know I will. I know I will. Fingers crossed!

  5. That sounds like a wonderful time for you. I remember when you went to your first one to pitch to agents. You were so nervous! Now you sound like a poised pro.

    Wish you the best of luck, Heather!

  6. Karen, so true, there isn't much more I could ask for! It was a great experience.

    Jamie, I really did! It kind of surprised me. This conference is so big I was worried but it was nothing like I feared!

    Lola, thank you so much for your confidence! You're too sweet!

  7. Elle, it really was!

    Karlene, this conference really was a fantastic muse! You're so right! :)

    Lorelei, me too! It was horrible the first time but I've got it down now and it's a breeze. Thank you!

  8. OMG! More requests! You're on fire, girl! :D
    I'm so glad you had a great time... but you forgot to take me in your suitcase!! LOL

  9. LOL! Thanks Monica, let's just hope it doesn't burn out! I've been searching for a bigger suitcase just for you... ;)

  10. That is just wonderful! I hope those requests turn into some even better news!

  11. Congratulations Heather!! Sounds like you had an amazing time. I wish you the best of luck on all the requests you received! :D

  12. Fantastic, Heather! What a great experience. I am so impressed and you are definitely on a roll!!!

  13. Lydia, thank you so much! I hope so too. Fingers crossed.

    Saba, I definitely did! Thank you for the good luck!

    Linda, thank you. I'm not the only one, you're doing great too!

  14. You got requests! How great. I'm happy for you. I envy all those who got to go. I feel isolated down here in the bayou state, tied to my job as blood courier. Well, if it were easy, where would the fun be in that? LOL. Roland

  15. Great things come out of hardship, as if evident in your fantastic writing Roland! I wish you could have been there too. It will happen for you though, I'm certain of it! Each of our roads is a little different. :)

  16. Go girl! I knew you would kick butt at this conference! Congrats on all the requests!!!


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