Twitter Tuesday~Best Tweets of June 20th~25th

Stretch out that clicking finger because Twitter was singing with great tweets last week. There's something in here for everyone! If you're going to the Willamette conference in Portland Oregon be sure to drop in on Jane Friedman's session:
@JaneFriedman I'll be conducting workshops & offering critiques at Willamette conference in Portland in August:

For those who've been wondering why some agents take longer to respond in the summer, agent Ginger Clark reveals the truth:
@Ginger_Clark Authors: just an FYI, but from Memorial to Labor Day, most of publishing takes off at 1 pm on Friday. It's called Summer Hours or Fridays.

Thinking about quitting your job when you get published? Think again:
@WritersDigest Why I’m Keeping My Day Job - Spend any time around writers, and you’ll hear us joking—well, half-joking—about wantin...

Ever wondered if your appearance matters as an author? Then check this out:
@WritersDigest Does Our Author Appearance Matter? - Meghan is excited to give away a free copy of her book to a random commenter. C...

Have questions about the publishing industry? Then don't miss this summer blog interview series:@Vickie_Motter Andrea Hurst and Associates is running a summer blog interview series. Hop on over to see interviews with pros

Here is a great book giveaway that I couldn't resist telling you about: 
@HeatherMcCorkle Love super heroes? Then don't miss this book giveaway! #WritersRoad #writing (Lisa Gail Green's book!)

Author Amelia Fergusson demystifies self-publishing:
@ameliafergusson Join me on FB. This week I will be adding TIPS on #selfpublishing
@ameliafergusson First tip, you need an editor! Don't try to avoid it. It is a necessary step in your success.

Author Ebony McKenna offers up some priceless advice:
@EbonyMcKenna You wouldn't run a marathon without training, so why would you write a book without learning structure? #writersroad

Chuck Sambuchino of Writer's Digest brings us an interview with super agent Deidre Knight:
@WritersDigest Agent Advice: Deidre Knight of the Knight Agency - "Agent Advice" is a series of quick interviews with literary and ...

Jane Friedman of Writer's Digest offers up pitching tips:
@JaneFriedman 3 rules for pitching an agent: [FYI, great conference w/lots of pitching opps:]

Beware the clique novel openings!
@sarahlapolla Agree on all of these, especially #3! RT @NathanBransford Five openings to avoid while writing a novel.
@sarahlapolla Would add "overly written imagery to describe the setting" to Openings to Avoid list. There's a place for that, but it's not right away.

Agent Mandy Hubbard takes on the controversial question about agents and self-publishing:
@MandyHubbard Blog: How do you feel about an agent's role in the self-pub/ebook world? Do they deserve 15% if you self-pub a project?

Agent Laurie McKlean feels the bomb that was Pottermore:
@agentsavant I've said for 18 months that once the first bestselling author starts their own publishing company, that's the gamechanger. #Pottermore

Author Elizabeth Craig brings us this tweet about what publisher do for that 90% they take:
@elizabethscraig Authors Ask Agents: What Are The Publishers Doing for Us? #amwriting @pubperspectives

Writer Trisha Wolfe brings us this tweet about a post by authors who are proud to be indie:
@TrishWolfe YAtopia: I Am Indie. Hear Me Roar.… Woot!

Whew, after all that, I hope you did your finger stretches! More importantly though, I hope you found something that was helpful.


  1. Great links. I really enjoyed the Diedre Knight interview.

  2. I'm so delighted that I'd already read most of these. Ha! You and I follow A LOT of the same people. :)

  3. Awesome links here. Going to check out a bunch of them now. Thanks, Heather!

  4. Wow! This is one of your best lists to date. Nicely done!

  5. Natalie, that was an excellent interview! We can always count on Chuck to deliver.

    Christa, that's awesome. Guess we just have great taste. ;)

    Laura, you're very welcome!

    Salarsen, it was pretty long, thanks!

  6. Always find something helpful with these. Thanks for keeping us up on everything!

  7. Excellent links, Heather. I just spent half an hour reading through. Love the Elizabeth Craig link to the Brits' take on digital in publishing. Fascinating.

  8. Another great round-up! I'm often asleep when the US is tweeting, so I'm glad I have you! :)

  9. Heather this list is amazing. You are the reason we're all going to succeed... thank you for working so hard to share connections!

  10. Kristie, I'm glad to hear that! You're very welcome. :)

    Linda, thank you, and wow, glad I could keep you busy! LOL!

    Talli, I never thought of it that way!

    Karlene, you're welcome hon, but your success is all your own. :)

  11. Heather, this list is awesome! And I'm so glad you included Lisa Green's book :D

  12. Super links. Yay, for Lisa Gail Green and the release of her story in the superhero anthology. I like the idea in Ginger Clark's Summer Hours tweet. I think I'll stop working every Friday at 1:00 as well. Stretch that weekend.

  13. Golden Eagle, you're very welcome!

    Julie, thank you. I'm pretty excited about Lisa's book!

    Leslie, yes yay for Lisa!!! *happy dance* I like Ginger's idea too, we should all do that...

  14. Whoa. You've outdone yourself this week. Fabulous as usual.

    Lots of good stuff to read.


  15. Hi, Heather,

    These are AMAZING tweets.... Thanks for sharing.

    I have to say I really appreciate twitter tuesday... I don't have much to to peruse twitter.

  16. Twitter is made of awesome. Fantastic writer community there. A few weirdos but that's enough about my family . . .


    Thanks for the mention ;-)

  17. Great tweets! I checked out the article about not quitting your day job. I have 12 years remaining until retirement and I can retire at 53 with half my salary and health insurance (although the premiums will increase) for the rest of my life. So I'm HOPING to be able to make at least half my salary writing by then. That's all I ask!!! But I'm counting those remaining years by the day...

  18. Karen, thanks! Hopefully you find something great in there.

    Michael, you're very welcome! I love doing this post for people like you. :)

  19. Ebony, lol! Sounds like my family. They're all on facebook though. ;)

    Stephanie, thank you. I hope you're able too as well! My fingers are crossed for you. I count each and every day as well. :)


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