Teaser Tuesday~What Lurks In Spruce Knoll

This week's teaser is from Chapter 2 of The Secret of Spruce Knoll. My main character Eren is about to discover just what she's facing in Spruce Knoll

A sound came from the forest, disrupting her from her self-pity. Looking up, she went very still. Had it been a twig breaking? It was probably nothing more than a small animal scurrying about the forest~a rabbit or something. But what if it was a bigger animal? Who knew what lived in the woods beyond the deck. She was being a silly city girl, and she knew it. Ignoring her rising fear, she turned her attention back to the stars.

Okay it's your turn! Let me know what you think and/or leave me a teaser from your work in progress or from whatever you're reading! Be sure to come back tomorrow for a big announcement. :)


  1. I really need to MAKE time to read this, Heather! I haven't even had rime to finish The Death Cure or Shatter Me--too busy editing! :-)

  2. Ah, I remember this scene! :)

    Here's a teaser from my current novel project:

    "Mom dusted pale glitter on my eyelids and powdered my nose. She was quiet doing most of my prom prepping. She hadn't wanted me to go and now here she was getting me ready. I hadn't wanted to go either. Not after I decided to let Judge and Kendra go together. But I had to do it. Even someone like Kendra deserved to get a second chance. Even though it wasn't guranteed she would take it."

  3. Ooo...I wonder what the noise was. :) Great teaser!

  4. I love your teaser... but I read the book so I can't give it away!

  5. Why do I get the feeling it wasn't just a small animal?

    Love your teaser! :)

  6. Shannon, don't feel bad, I completely understand! My to-read pile is horribly high because I'm in the middle of editing too. :)

    Karen, what a great teaser, I love it! Now I'm dying to read the book.

    Cherie, perhaps the next teaser will reveal... ;)

  7. Karlene, no telling now! ;)

    Golden Eagle, ah you know me so well!

  8. Oh, Heather ... How could you tease us like this... What fun. I so need to read your book. I am so behind these days. I hope to get caught up soon.

    Here's a teaser from my latest novel, The Blinded Gardener...

    Aidan's thoughts about girls ... his, not mine.

    "My first chick clawed at me like a hungry wolf. A senior from three schools ago; I had just turned fourteen. Since then, I’ve nailed several girls at each of my former schools. And now, well, Tanya was ready to give it up. I read chicks body language better than books and hers spoke volumes."

  9. Ahh yes, the noises from the forest, just off the deck. I remember them well. . . (but no telling!)

  10. Oh I loved that scene!
    And I <3 the way you zoom in Eren and her thoughts!
    Lovely, lovely!

  11. That is definitely a wonderful teaser. Certainly has me interested in reading more. Thanks also for inviting us to share a teaser from our works. Here is something from the first chapter of my WiP UNCOMMON:

    When school started two weeks later, kids who never looked my way shot me second glances, not the kind that made me feel appreciated. Others whispered to one another when I passed by. None of them said a word, not even a, “Sorry for your loss.” I knew what they were thinking. I thought it as well.

    I was there when the accident happened. I should have saved her.

    Better yet, it should have been me.

  12. Ooh, I've had that prickly feeling out in the woods! When you hear a sound and you know it really can't be anything... except some part of your brain is sure it is. And in this case, I'm pretty sure she's right!


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