Tuesday Changes

Sometimes we writers get so caught up in social media and other things that we forget to make time to write. Unfortunately, I have fallen victim to that recently. As much as I love my social media (okay let's be honest, I'm a bit addicted to Twitter and Blogger), I have to pull myself from the writing time-sucking miasma just a bit and well, write.

To do that I will no longer be posting the re-occurring Twitter Tuesday post. I'm so sorry, I know there are a lot of you who love it and have come to rely on it for links. But it's tremendously labor intensive and took away more of my writing time than I would like to admit. Have no fear though, my good blogger friend and author Elizabeth Craig does a weekly recap of the best tweets on Twitter that puts my post to shame. If you don't follow her already you need to! And every now and then I might still let you know about a few really good tweets that I don't want you to miss.

Tuesdays I'll now be alternating between Teaser Tuesday (teasers from either my own novels or whatever I'm reading at the time. Of course you're encouraged to leave me a teaser of your own!) and Tuesday Writing Tips which will be a short post with one writing tip (and I'd love it if you posted your own tips in the comments on those days!). I hope you'll still join me on Tuesdays for these new re-occurring posts.


  1. I'll always be here, even if you take away my beloved twitter Tuesday!! :-)

  2. I hear you! I've become obsessed with blogging recently and the online writing community. At the same time, when I do get back to writing, I will need to put everything else behind. Luckily, I'm in the editing stage, so I don't mind procrastinating as much. :)

    I look forward to reading your new Teaser Tuesdays!

  3. I'm sure that was a tough decision. I've had to make a similar one. Blogs can be a great way to get noticed as an author, but not if they prevent you from writing. I'll check out Elizabeth's blog.

  4. I'm definitely in that trap right now where I'm trying to stay up-to-date on people's blogs and tweets that I don't make time for writing! I've been doing better the past few days, though!

  5. Shannon, aw, thank you hon. And I'm so sorry to be discontinuing it! :(

    R.A., it's hard not to get that way isn't it? Thank you for your support. :)

    Randy, it really was. It's a careful balance.

    Cortney, I'll give you a hand to help pull you out!

  6. Yes, Heather, we all fall into this trap. I'm having to back off a few posts myself. Hunks Thursday, I think was my most time consuming one, and once October is over an everyone is into Nano, I'm going to back off heavily and do only promotional on the new book.

    But I'm going to have fun the last week of October! You might want to check out tomorrows post to see what I'll be up to. ta for now!

  7. That sounds like an excellent plan Heather!

  8. Lorelei, I can hardly wait to see what your post is tomorrow!

    Karlene, thank you. We could all use more writing time, for sure! :)

  9. I think you have to Heather.
    It's so easy to loose time - especially when your book comes out and promotions are front and centre.

    I'm pulling back from facebook - the games especially - because there aren't enough hours in the day.

    I am keeping the blog and twitter though, as this keeps me connected to 'my people' and I feel I can give something back to the writing community.

  10. It's a good plan. I've had to pull back a bit too just so I can get some writing done.

  11. We are authors. Blogging is just a tool to foster readership. But if there is nothing to read, why are we working so hard blogging, right? Roland

  12. Sorry you're discontinuing it but I understand. Help me, help me please to get off the Internet some too and write more.

  13. Good points Heather. I've only recently discovered twitter and I can see the possibilities seem endless...like the time!

  14. Ebony, so true! I stay away from Facebook for that very reason too. :)

    Lynda, thanks, it happens to us all. :)

    Roland, it's a beautiful trap.

    Natalie, lol! I feel for you, deeply!

    Desert Rocks, Twitter is wonderful and oh so terrible at the same time. ;)

  15. I'll just read whatever you post - and I'll second your recommendation for Elizabeth's weekly link post :-)

  16. Oh Heather, I'd love to complain, because I really DO love Twitter Tuesday, but I must confess I did always wonder if it took you hours and hours.

    Your writing comes first--definitely a good call.

  17. Totally understand! I've had to pull back from social media this week and next to make time for writing and real life.

  18. Oh, I am equally excited about your new Tuesday plans. And yes, sometimes we all need to step away from Twitter. :)

  19. Sarah, aw, thank you so much! :)

    Amie, it did take hours and hours honestly. It scary now that I look back on how long I took doing it each week. I don't know how Elizabeth does.

    Talli, it happens to us all! Glad to know I'm not alone.

    Christa, thank you! I'm so glad you're excited. :)


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