Happy Holidays 2011

For those waiting on my creature feature, I'm sorry to disappoint, but the craziness of the holidays and other exciting projects has kept me from being able to write one this week. By the echo of few voices across the net, I know most of you have been busy as well. So I will bid you a very happy holidays and let you be on your way. I'll see you next week after the fun and festivities. Many great things await us in 2012 and I for one can hardly wait. Be safe and happy!


  1. You, too, Heather. Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.

  2. Happy Holidays Heather... Oh, that tree looks familiar! Where have I seen it before? I hope you and Edd have a beautiful holiday!

  3. I will miss you. Merry Christmas! Roland

  4. Happy New Year to you too Heather! I received your lovely book and can't wait to read it. All the best!

  5. Linda, thank you, you too!

    Karlene, it does look familiar doesn't it? Merry Christmas!

    Roland, I'll miss you too, 'see' you in a few days!

  6. Dora, that's wonderful, thank you!

    Connie, thank you and merry Christmas to you too!

    Golden Eagle, thank you. :)

    Thanks Sarah!


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