Monday's Muse~Good Friends

My Seattle trip to visit my Critique Sisters and meet new friends was fantastic! Though the weather was wet it wasn't nearly as wet as I expected, and I had a wonderful time. Celebrating the holidays with friends makes all the craziness worth it and all the hardships of the year melt away.

I wish I could celebrate with each and every one of you in person, but for most of us, we'll have to settle for social networking celebrations! I'm so thankful for all of you though, I hope you know that. As for what's feeding my muse on the literary front, I'm reading a signed copy of Between by Cyndi Tefft.

Today on the Spruce Knoll for Endangered Species tour you can find me over at The Fiction Enthusiast with my friend Christie chatting about cougars. You know you can't resist that!


  1. all the hardships of the year melt away.

    Heather, your words are perfect for so much! It's wonderful your trip turned out great. memories forever! And having not so wet weather put an extra ornament on the tree, so to speak.

  2. Great picture! I'm glad you had such a fun time. :-)

  3. Heather, it was so great to have you in Seattle with us!!! We wish you lived closer for sure. Now... I'm off to read The Fiction Enthusiast

  4. Kittie, that's exactly how it felt! :) And another ornament indeed, it was wonderful.

    Sarah, me too! It was much needed.

    Shannon, thank you hun!

    Karlene, it was fantastic! We've got to do that more often.

  5. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

    And you're right, I really can't resist cougars (or any big cats for that matter :D) Running over to check out the tour stop now.

  6. How fun to be able to meet your critique group in person! I'm still hoping we'll get to do that with my online group one day.

  7. Yelena, I did! Thanks for stopping by the tour!

    Julie, I'm lucky to have met them in person when we formed, and to keep meeting in person! :)

  8. Heather, it was so much fun having you here! Too bad about the drizzle, but we hardly had time to notice. (Wouldn't you know it, the sun is shining to beat the band right now. --where did that saying come from, anyway?) Here's to Happy Holidays for all. So glad we got to share some Christmas cheer in person.

  9. If you aim further north, you'll hit snow instead of rain. :D

    Glad you had a great trip. That's cool you got to meet your crit group.

  10. Great picture!! I'm so glad you guys got to celebrate a little together. :D I'll send you hugs from California! *squeezes* :D

  11. Linda, it was wonderful despite the clouds! I wish we could have stayed longer. :)

    Stina, that sounds like a plan! I love the snow!

  12. I love meeting writing friends in person. Love the haircut. :)

  13. I miss Seattle so much. I LOVED the rain, clouds, overcast sky - of course, I am a bit of an oddity in my weather preferences...

  14. I wish you could have stayed longer too!! So sorry I missed you guys. I was about twenty or so minutes late. :( I think you had already left.

  15. Sounds and looks like you all had fun getting together.

    Cougars are closely related to panthers... and you know how I feel about them!

    It's great to know you guys mesh so well. It's really a blessing. Merry Christmas to you all!

  16. I just read about your Endangered Species tour and I think it's so wonderful that you're doing that!

  17. Congrats on your enjoyable trip! I'll also head over to the Fiction Enthusiast website.
    Like you, I'm also enjoying Between.

  18. Karen, it is the best! I'm so glad I got to meet you in person! And thanks, glad you like the short do.

    Tasha, not so odd for a writer. ;)

    Saba, I'm so sorry we missed you too! But I'll be back up in Seattle again!

  19. Lorelei, it is wonderful. We are so lucky to have found each other. I wish everyone could find a critique group like ours. Happy holidays to you too!

    Susan, thank you so much. That means a LOT!

    Lin, thank you. I'll see you over at Christie's!


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