Tuesday Writing Tip~Editing

Today's writing tip is about editing. With more and more authors choosing the independent path, the importance of editing and not getting in a hurry are more vital than ever. You are the last line of defense between your novel and the world. Don't let it go out into such a cruel place without making it into a lean, mean, fighting machine. Once you hit publish it's out there for the world to see, agents, publishing house editors, everyone. It can make or break you even more so than querying.

Tip: Put your manuscript through the ringer; critique partners and/or beta readers, and if you are going indie, use a good freelance editor after you've put it through the paces. Golden bonus tip #2: Don't be in a hurry to put it out there until it is polished to perfection.


  1. Brilliantly wise advice, Heather!! Merry Christmas. :-)

  2. Great advice. I would even add that it's important to do initial edit before you give the ms to beta readers. You cannot expect the beta readers to be full-out editors of a completely unedited ms, that is not their job.

  3. Great tip. Holiday hospital emergencies and blood runs have kept me from visiting my friends, Roland

  4. Shannon, aw, thank you. :) And merry Christmas to you too!

    Yelena, excellent addition! I actual edit about four times before my betas ever see it.

  5. Roland, tis the season unfortunately. I feel for you this time of year Roland! Thanks for dropping by.

    Golden Eagle, thank you!

  6. This is excellent advice Heather. Thank you!!

  7. It's almost impossible for anyone to catch every punctuation flaw--what a task! Good advice. Once it's out, it's out.

  8. I agree about the need for a second pair of eyes. Being so close to your own manuscript, you sometimes miss what others might see.

  9. Great advice!!!! And SO true!

  10. Wonderful advice. I especially like your suggestions to use a good freelance editor and to not be in a hurry to put the manuscript out into the world before it is as good as it can be.

  11. Karlene, you're welcome!

    Linda, so very true!

    Lin, I always miss something that my betas or editor catch.

    LB, thank you. :)

    Cynthia, thank you for stopping by and for following. Editors are so important, it's wonderful to see other authors agree!

  12. I used to be in a hurry. Now my CP has to pry my ms out of my hand before I'll query it. :D


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