December 10th Stop Along The Tour

Today for the Spruce Knoll for Endangered Species tour I'm over at my good friend Christy's (of Erica and Christy) blog chatting about the breathtaking emerald hummingbird (yay two people picked it!). You have to see this amazing creature to believe it! I hope you'll stop by to say hi, and of cAourse to get another point in the contest!

Don't forget, if you're in the Seattle area, today I'm appearing at Tully's coffee shop (the one on Western Avenue) at 3:00pm for a meet and greet. Of course I'm happy to sign for anyone who brings their books along! I'll be armed with swag!


  1. I hope tons of fans come to visit and brighten your day at Tully's Cofee Shop. Thanks for always having been my friend, Roland

  2. Congrats, Heather! Wish I were in the Seattle area for a bit (also have relatives there.)

  3. Hope your signing goes well today! Looking forward to hosting you next week. :)

  4. Roland, thank you for the kind wishes! I had a lot of fun. I'm honored to be counted among your friends.

    Kittie, I wish you would have been in town! That would have been great to meet you.

    Talli, it was great. I'm looking forward to stopping by your blog!


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