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From now until the end of December my holiday shifter novella, Holiday Hunting is FREE! And you DON'T need a KU subscription, or any subscription! It is free on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and whoever else I can get on board. It is my thank you to all of you for helping make this an excellent year for me and my books. Here is more about it: 

Sleighbells are ringing and the snow is falling in Hemlock Hollow, Montana, but Sonya Michaelson is off saving newly bitten werewolves from losing their minds during their first change.

That is, until she has to prepare the house for the visit of the werewolf parents of her hot professor boyfriend. Between that and holiday shopping with her best friend, the reaper of shifterkind, she will have her hands full.

Can she pull off the perfect, Jólabókaflóðið, the Icelandic tradition of gifting books, for her boyfriend and his Icelandic parents, or will all her careful plans unravel?
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Please leave me a review if you do read it and enjoy it! ;) It is woefully low on reviews and could use the help oh so much. 

Spice level: 4 chili peppers, adults only!

Being the seeker of newly bitten, yet to turn werewolves, losing their battle with madness didn’t come with a manual.

At least none that Sonya Michaelson, the first seeker in three hundred years, is given access to. It's apparently her Norse goddess bestowed mission to help the troubled werewolves in danger of losing their battle with madness and becoming mindless killers before their first shift. But how she's supposed to find them, she has no clue. It's not exactly something people blast on social media.

So, fed up and out of options, she turns to a Norse witch. But after a trip to the astral plane and a weird ritual with the last seeker who died over three hundred years ago, still no great revelations come.

But she has bigger issues to worry about, namely a missing werewolf who might have gotten himself into a bit of trouble in the way of a werewolf fighting ring—one which she may have to join to get him out.. 

Spice level: 1 chili pepper. Why? You ask, when I normally write scorching, and this series is all scorching, along with the series, before it. Because this novella is all about the friendships Sonya is developing other than her relationship with Ty. 

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And please leave me a review if you do read it and enjoy it! ;) Because this one is woefully low on reviews too. 

Next is the first full-length novel in the Shifter Seeker series, Coyote Calling. This picks up where Raven Rousting left off and deals with some of the characters you met in Raven Rousting. 

The children of Fenrir are rising whether werewolf seeker Sonya Michaelson likes it or not.

As if being the seeker of werewolves tangoing with madness wasn’t enough on her plate, a coyote shifter shows up on Sonya’s doorstep needing help because Navajo women are going missing—skinwalkers to be precise. What’s worse, someone is turning them into coyote shifters, stripping them of their skinwalker powers.

But before Sonya even has a chance to dig into the mystery, she and her best bud, reaper Ayra Valdisdöttir, are summoned before the Caninus Council to answer for their part in an event that risked exposing their kind to the mundane world. Dancing with council politics quickly take a back burner when Sonya realizes her mother has gone missing—and the reason seems to be directly tied to the abducted skinwalkers. If she doesn’t find a way to hold it together, fend off the council’s denizens, and solve the mystery of the missing women, many will die—herself included.

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As with the other two, please leave me a review if you do read it and enjoy it! ;) Because this one is woefully low on reviews as well. 

Spice level: 4 chili peppers, adults only!

The second full-length novel in the series, Tiger Tracking, is next. This one picks up where Coyote Calling left off and should be read after it. 

The children of Fenrir aren't the only shifters rising.

Despite being a newly bitten werewolf, as the seeker of shifterkind, Sonya thought for a hot minute she'd come close to seeing it all. Until she came across Jin, a tiger shifter on the run from a gang of grizzly shifters. Taking him in will mean bringing a lot of heat onto her friends, but she can't turn away a supernatural in need of help.

Mixing canines and felines proves challenging when he meets her group of misfits—werewolves and coyote shifters—not to mention her boyfriend. And then there's the problem of her reaper best friend...

But all those issues fall to the side as the Grizzly Gang descends on her found family in search of not just a rare tiger shifter, but this one in particular. Because it turns out, Jin has something they desperately want—something that might open a gate to the nine worlds.

And stay tuned, the next book is in the works! 
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Spice level: 4 chili peppers, adults only!


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