Inviting the Best of Luck

Luck is a double-sided coin. Whether or not it is good or bad, often depends on which side of the coin you are looking at. It is much like that proverbial glass. Being of Irish descent, and writing much about the Irish I often grin when people comment about the luck of the Irish. They think it is good luck. Over 700 years of servitude, oppression, and slaughter mostly because they occupied a land someone else wanted did not seem like good luck to me. But, after much consideration I realized their luck wasn't all bad. They have survived, reclaimed 90% of their own country, and have prospered in a new country. Not all oppressed cultures have managed to come out on that side of the luck coin.

This comparison has made me look at my own luck and re-evaluate it. There is almost always a bright side of the coin. The important part is looking to see, and by doing so, inviting the best of luck.


  1. Heather, It's so true... how you look at it, is all about perspective. I'm thinking everything happens for a reason and whatever is coming your way is making you stronger, and preparing you for the very best! You deserve the greatest luck, but then it won't really be luck because you made it!

  2. So true. We can always look at the positive side of things.

    1. It's important to see and evaluate both. Too often we focus on the bad and don't see the good. But it does go both ways.

  3. Awesome outlook on things! Hang onto that. :)


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