Tempered & Turned's Origins

Tempered & Turned started it's life under a different title, with a different publisher. Originally it was published as Twice Turned with the cover on the left. 

When my original publisher first started developing the cover, they asked me to pick out models and images I liked. When I did, I bought the images myself to use as promotional material later, and I put my design skills to work to come up with my own images. When I got my rights back and it was acquired by another publisher, they loved the design I had created. We decided to use my design for the new cover with a few tweaks. That's why, if you look closely at the two covers, you'll notice the tattoos on Vidar for the cover of Tempered & Turned are slightly different. 

I feel as though the new cover portrays the mood and elements of the story a bit better, but that could just be because I had a direct hand in it and am biased. ;) Which cover draws you in more? 

Look for Ayra and Vidar's novel in it's new incarnation April 6th! 


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