New Year & Free eBooks

Happy New Year! It feels like it has been an eternity in coming, but it's finally here. And with it, good things are following.  

Would you love to get my books for FREE? Of course you would! Well, you're in luck. I'm putting together a very special, very elite team of readers who will receive an eBook copy of my latest releases for FREE! All you have to do in return is leave a review on Amazon. 

Why would I do such a thing? Because reviews make an author's world go around. They determine whether or not a retailer will advertise them more, recommend them, and place them better on their sites, which all deeply affects sales. Which is why I need your help!

How it works: I will "gift" the ebook to reviewers who sign up below directly through either Amazon or Barnes & Noble (sorry, iPhone peeps, I don't have an iPhone and the big Apple won't allow me to purchase their products without one that I have figured out). 

I hope to count you as one of my team! 

My books release every 6-8 months typically. If you have not read and reviewed (on Amazon) the prior book by the time the next one comes out, the next will not be gifted to you until you review the prior. That way I don't overwhelm you with books you don't have time to read. 


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