Monday's Muse~Final One For This Book

A vast waterfall that seems to go on forever, what could be more dramatic than that? And the perfect opener to my news: Hunter's Moon is finished! Ah, the end. The most bittersweet words an author can write. It's especially true for me in this case because the end of this book wraps up the entire trilogy for me. I've grown so attached to these characters that it's not going to be easy to leave them. But I am very happy with how the books turned out. No doubt I'll see plenty more of those characters in editing. I'm ready, bring it on!

I think I'll keep this amazing picture on my computer for a while. Not only is it beautiful and filled with possibilities, it makes me think of the culmination of my trilogy. Ah, the end.


  1. Congratulations and I’m sorry, both on the completion of the trilogy. You’ll get to relive them all again and again and again with the edits. Good luck and I can't wait to read the books when they're out.
    I do agree both pictures are very inspirational. You always find the loveliest art.
    Happy editing,

  2. Ah thanks! I do love my editing :)

  3. Both these pics are great. Congrats on finishing your work and happy editing!!

  4. They are beautiful aren't they? Makes me wish I was on vacation again. Thanks for the congrats! I've been celebrating by letting my brain rest but it's already getting restless!


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