Twitter Tuesday ~ William Bernhardt

Aside from being a New York Times Bestselling author of mind blowing thrillers that push the envelope of squeamishness and suspense, there are other reasons you should follow William Bernhardt. As  if you needed more of a reason than that, I know, but there is more!

I've had the very distinct honor of being a student of Mr. Bernhardt's, not once but twice. You've probably read about my experiences in his class if you've caught my posts on the Hawaii Writer's Retreat. If not be sure to take a look at them, I've shared much of what I gleaned from his lessons. Mr. Bernhardt is a fantastic teacher, the kind you always wished you had. You know the ones, they push you and encourage you but aren't afraid to tell you you're writing is off when it's off. He's the kind of teacher that will make you a better writer, guaranteed. Mr. Bernhardt not only teaches at the Hawaii Writer's Retreat, but does more affordable writing seminars closer to his own stopping ground. You can check out both programs here:

Aside from being a stand out teacher, Mr. Bernhardt is one of those rare guys who manages a very successful writing career with a happy and healthy family. There is a lesson to be learned there as well, believe me. Find him on Twitter here:


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