Monday's Muse~Dragons & Ancient Cities

I had a very busy week. Two chapters! The words were flowing like marvelous wine at a Greek dinner. These are Aztec ruins, where, I'm not sure. Don't worry, I'm not flashing back to my previous book, they just fit well for inspiration this week since I'm writing about an ancient dragon city. Turns out I didn't need the snowy pictures so much to set me in the right mood since our weather finally cooled down below forty, but the picture sure didn't hurt.

This is another beautiful picture from Ciruelo. Can you tell he inspires me? I love finding pictures like this that give me a glimpse into another world. My second chapter this week definitely took me into a different world. And yet, it feels like coming home. I missed writing fantasy.


  1. I love the picture from Ciruelo. I love going into different worlds whether or I am writing about them or reading about them.

  2. This is a great idea, finding pictures that inspire you. I love them! And your book sounds fascinating. Just go ahead and get it published so I can read it. Mmkay?

  3. Also - I left you a prize on my blog!

  4. So true, different worlds are part of what makes reading so great Alissa!

    Anne, the word count on Grendar's Tale is racking up, I'm on it! And thank you so much for the prize. That was incredibly sweet and I'm very honored! I shall blog about it tomorrow.

  5. The pics are great! Can def tell that Ciruelo inspires you.


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