Twitter Tuesday~Krissi Dallas

If people were cups of coffee Krissi Dallas would be a tall double shot peppermint mocha, lots of energy and tasty sugar with just enough bite to make you take notice. Krissi and I met on Twitter and have been friends/followers ever since. She has one of the biggest, kindest hearts I've ever known and is quick to support other writers. She's always there with words of encouragement when I need them and great advice.

Once I found out about her book Phantom Island: Wind I had to have it. It's about a girl who's life is forever altered when her father disappears. Six years later she returns to the youth camp that turned her life around only to embark on a magical journey that will forever alter it yet again. Krissi's love and understanding for teens shines through in her writing. This is another writer on the rise you don't want to miss!

You can find Krissi on Twitter here:
And check out her website and blog here:


  1. Thank you, Heather! I love the coffee description... its like you "get" me - haha!! :) I'm so thankful I found you on Twitter - your constant positivity and attention to others is a quality I admire and wish to emulate. Keep doing what you do - can't wait for your "Moon" series to find its rightful home. Good things are coming your way!

  2. We're kindred spirits you and I, we get each other! Thank you for your sweet compliments and good wishes. See folks, she's the bomb!


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