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Building your platform isn't all bad. In fact, it can be really fun. The people you meet can enrich your life and some may even change it. Kimberly Pauley is the type of person that will enrich your life. She keeps me laughing, keeps me encouraged, and even keeps me grounded at times when I need it. As an author she's full of great links and tips that help other writers and she had great taste in books! So great in fact that she's a book reviewer for Young Adult Book Central.

If you haven't already Kimberly's young adult urban fantasy, you must. It's the most unique vampire story I have read in a long time. The main character, Mina, must decide whether or not she wants to be a vampire. Both of her parents are vampires and she isn't supposed to live among them unless she's one herself. But Mina would rather worry about catching the eye of the hot guy in school than make huge life decisions at this point. This book is a blast and you're missing out if you pass it up!

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  1. This sounds like an interesting read. I have a friend who just loves vampire novels. Will have to recommend this title to her! Thanks Heather!

  2. Sucks to Be Me sounds like a nice fun vampire read. I'll have to check it out.

  3. Your friend is going to love it Lindsey! And, Alissa, you will not be disapointed. It's a light, fun read. Perfect for unwinding after the holidays!


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