Monday's Muse~New Book

This amazing picture was done by the artist Ciruelo Cabral. If you haven't checked out his website you must. He's a genius with a paint brush. Quite the change from my usual muse I know, but you'll be seeing a lot of this new inspiration. 

With my young adult urban fantasy series completed and submitted to editors I found myself with empty nest syndrome. Several ideas have been fighting for the forefront of my imagination and one of them finally won the war. You may have guessed from this beautiful picture that it's going to be fantasy. It will be young adult of course, cause I'm loving writing that genre, and the protagonist is a guy! But Harry Potter this is not. Poor Harry would blush just reading it. I've posted a picture of my progress to the right. It's titled Grendar's Tale. I'm not exactly fond of the title so it will probably change, but that will come later. Feel free to keep track of my progress and give me a swift kick when you don't see it advancing!


  1. That’s a great picture of the first Monday of the New Year. I love the art. Dragons always look so majestic for being fantasy creatures.
    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what site did you get the progress meter on? I would love to have one and keep it on my site for whatever I’m working on. That’s a wonderful way to keep an author in check. :-)
    Happy writing,

  2. Actually, I created it on my computer using the paint program! Shoot me a DM on Twitter & I'll talk you through making your own!

  3. WoW, you made the ticker yourself? That's awesome Heather, your quite the computer genius!
    Wonderfully inspiring pic by the way.

  4. Oooh... I'm totally wondering now what parts will make Harry blush?! :) Have fun with it...


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