Monday's Muse~Editing Inspiration

A friend of mine who hates editing recently asked me what inspires me while I'm editing. It kind of surprised me because I realized I hadn't really thought about it much. Of course I listen to music, a lot of blues and old rock and roll, recently even a little Bob Marley (that could be the spring weather bringing that on!). But I realized at this point in the process is isn't music or pictures so much that keeps me motivated.

This bookshelf is what keeps me motivated while editing. It is filled with books that friends of mine have written. Just seeing them sitting on the shelves reminds me that I can do this. It motivates me to be the best I can be so my books can sit next to theirs one day. This shelf reminds me that my goal of becoming published is reachable and that there is a publishing house out there somewhere that will love my work.

If you don't have published friends don't worry. Just the anticipation of sending it off to a critique buddy can be enough to push you to do your very best and complete those edits. Need to find critique buddies? Check the links below:


  1. Awesome! What a great way to stay motivated, and what a wonderful collection to have on a shelf. Thanks for providing some links for those searching for crit. partners. :-)

  2. Thanks! I'm very proud of my friends who are published and they inspire me to no end. Your welcome for the links! I know you'll find great people there.

  3. So true! I have VERY motivated critique buds, and that truly is the kick in the pants that I need. Your fans await you, Heather!

  4. Aww, thanks Julie! Just hearing that inspires me to work that much harder! I know what you mean, my critique biddies are always there to give me a kick in the pants or a hand up when I need it. They're each worth their weight in gold, and more!

  5. Hey, I love the wolf at the top of the page! He has eyes that speak. I smiled as I read this post, because I have a secret nerdy hobby of collecting signed copies of books. I cherish any book signed by an author, and I'm almost afraid to read it after it's been signed because I don't want to "mess it up."

  6. That's beautiful Heather! No wonder you smile through edits like you do!

  7. awesome!! thanks for the links :D

    and best of luck with everything -- i'm loving your bookshelf! :D

  8. The wolf is beautiful isn't he Portia? I collect signed books too! I've been known to buy a second copy to read ;)

  9. I'm lucky to know such wonderful people Lindsey, you included!


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