Barnes & Noble Makes Leap Forward in E-Books

Whether we're ready or not technology is rising and the Barnes & Noble booksellers are definitely ready. They've just announced an e-book that can be read on a wide variety of devices. Now you don't have to own a kindle and buy your e-books only from Amazon! The monopoly has been shattered! I am really excited about this because I am not a fan of Amazon (gasp!). I haven't bought a thing from them since they posted only bad reviews of a friend's book. My feelings on Amazon aside, this is exciting news from Barnes & Noble because competition is always a good thing for the market and consumers. Check out their story on it here:

Personally, I'm not into e-books. I like the feel and smell of an actual book. I love the cover art, turning the pages. It's not just a reading experience but a physical one. I'll never stop reading and collecting actual books, but it's good to see that books are surviving in the ever advancing entertainment industry.


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