Book Industry Is Recovering And YA Is Moving Front and Center

There are a lot of signs that the book industry is recovering and children/teen books seem to be moving front and center of all the talk. Even if you don't write either of these genres take heart that the next generation are reading, despite the state of the economy, and will likely do so the rest of their lives. It's one of the many reasons I write for children/teens, they're the future and our world's future has never looked brighter.

Just a week ago records were shattered at the National Book Festival in Washington D.C. with over 130,000 attendees! Among the authors in attendance were such great names as Judy Blume and Holly Black. Over 70 authors attended and many of them were children/teen authors. Booths were packed!

At the Midwest Bookseller Association's Meeting and Trade Show teen books stole the limelight as well. Booksellers seem to be looking for the next Stephanie Meyer as many new young adult novels are focused around the paranormal, vampires, or magic. Some great new titles were announced.

With record young adult and children's book sales it's no surprise that Sourcebooks is adding a young adult imprint. This is great news for young adult writers, especially those of us hoping to debut soon! They're first lineup for 2010 looks like it's going to be amazing!

Regardless of what genre you write, this is excellent news because it means children and young adults are reading. They will eventually move into other genres and hopefully will pass their love of books on to their own children when they grow up. The future is looking better all the time!


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