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You know how I'm always telling you that good things come from writers using Twitter? Here's a perfect example. Like many writers, I love Writer's Digest. It's one of the best go to magazines on the market for us. So when Chuck Sambuchino, editor and writer for Writer's Digest started following me on Twitter and hunting for my e-mail, I promptly followed him back and sent him a message. He got a hold of me and asked me to do a guest column on his blog for his How I Got My Agent reoccuring post. I was thrilled and honored and of course said yes!

As many of my regular followers know, I had quite a bumpy ride on the road to getting an agent and it's quite a story. Check out my guest column on Chuck's blog here: and for a link to Writer's Digest you don't have to go any farther than the Helpful Links For Writers link on the right side of my blog!


  1. I loved your agent-finding story, and your good-things-can-come-of-Twitter story.

  2. This is so awesome Heather! Way to go!! Love the article!

  3. Good article! And great job on staying on the path. hopefully soon I'll be the next one! Keep up the good writing!

  4. Hooray! I did this, too. You are so right... Twitter networking is key.

  5. How cool! I'll have to go check your story out.

    I actually found my agent through Chuck's site.

  6. That's fantastic that you found your agent through his site! Chuck is good at bringing people together. Thanks for checking my story out :)


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