Sonya is Back!

Coming, August 30th, Coyote Calling, the first full length novel in my new spin-off series! I loved writing the Children of Fenrir series so much that it inspired me to continue the story of Sonya Michaelson, seeker of nearly mad new werewolves. Here is a bit about it:

 The children of Fenrir are rising whether werewolf seeker Sonya Michaelson likes it or not.

As if being the seeker of werewolves tangoing with madness wasn’t enough on her plate, a coyote shifter shows up on Sonya’s doorstep needing help because Navajo women are going missing—skinwalkers to be precise. What’s worse, someone is turning them into coyote shifters, stripping them of their skinwalker powers.

But before Sonya even has a chance to dig into the mystery, she and her best bud, reaper Ayra Valdisdöttir, are summoned before the Caninus Council to answer for their part in an event that risked exposing their kind to the mundane world. Dancing with council politics quickly take a back burner when Sonya realizes her mother has gone missing—and the reason seems to be directly tied to the abducted skinwalkers. If she doesn’t find a way to hold it together, fend off the council’s denizens, and solve the mystery of the missing women, many will die—herself included.

You can pre-order a signed paperback directly from me! Quanitities are limited so be sure to grab yours early. They will ship after the release date. 

Author's Note: While this novel is completely fictional, the problem of missing Indigenous women is sadly not. I encourage you to educate yourself on this tragic issue sweeping the Indiginous nations and take action in any way you can to help the put a halt to the disappearance and murder of Indiginous women everywhere. 


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