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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Inspiration For Your Writing

This incredible picture is the inspiration for the final scene of the book I'm working on. Whenever I'm writing I look for pictures that relate to what I'm working on. Usually it's my background on my computer so every time I turn it on that's the first thing I see. It's very inspiring and helps get me in the right frame of mind immediately. The moment I see it I begin thinking of my book. I like to pick different backgrounds based on what chapter I'm working on. It keeps things fresh and motivates me, not to mention it doesn't hurt with the descriptions either! I like to write about all different kinds of locations so I'm always hunting for pictures of different parts of the world, and yes I'm one of those crazed tourists with a camera!

Normally I only write about places I've actually been to though, that way I make sure to get everything right. Seeing a picture of something isn't the same as standing there smelling the scents, feeling the weather, and hearing the sounds of life there. So, I don't recommend this as an alternative to going somewhere and experiencing it. I would personally have an extremely hard time writing about somewhere I've never been. But, if you've been there or feel you have a good enough grasp of the place and people, don't let my reservations stop you. Just remember, when you need a little extra inspiration, find a picture and place it somewhere you look every day!

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  1. I'm so excited about this post! I do the exact same thing!! I love to have pics of people/scenery that relate to my book. My whole office is layered with inspirational pics. I just have to have that vibe and that's what makes my office such an escape.


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