Monks Would Make Great Writers

Bear with me, I'll explain. As I get further into the process of becoming a published writer I'm learning that there is a lot of zen needed to pull this off. For one, you must absolutely be hard as nails to take all the criticism and rejection dealt out in this line of work. Got that one down, bring on the next challenge! Before I can even finish that sentence it's swinging at me with a wicked right hook. But I'm ready, I can roll with it.

Next comes the critique process from the agent. How quick can you get this back to me? Watch the keys on my computer smoke. I can make overnight express look like the pony express. When it comes to re-writes and editing I'm a machine, lightning fast and spot on.

So what's next? Bring it, I'm ready! Oh, what do you mean now we have to wait for the editor to consider it? How long do we have to wait? What, months! Ugh. Not that, anything but that! But oh yes folks, it comes right back around to the waiting process. Time again to stalk the inbox and wonder if the e-mail is still working. The yawning emptiness of the box mocks me. . .

Now you see why monks would make great writers. To be a writer you must have the strength to endure, the tough skin to take criticism, and the patience to wait for success. I'm all over it, but dang it, I'm not shaving my head!


  1. Cool way of talking about the process of a writer. Thanks!


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