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Today I'm featuring someone who is not only a great friend of mine, but a member of my critique group, the Scribe Sisters. Karlene and I met at the 2009 Hawaii Writer's Retreat. The friendship between she and I~along with the other two members of our critique group~developed instantly and we knew we had to keep in touch. We met up the following year at William Bernhardt's writer's workshop and our bond solidified into something we knew would last a lifetime. Since then the four of us have been e-mailing each other nearly everyday and have shared the journey from critiquing our novels, to our synopsis, to our query letters.

Karlene is a very special lady. She inspires me to see the bright side of nearly every situation and to find the good in the world around me. Though she is working on a thriller, Karlene writes across the genre board, and even writes some fantastic inspirational material. I've now convinced her that as a wonderful mother and grandmother she would make a fantastic young adult author. I can't wait to read what she comes up with! She also loves to write aviation training programs. Yep, aviation. Karlene is a pilot, which kind of makes her my hero. The amount of years she's been flying would blow you away. She has eight airlines under her belt and now flies for Delta.

If you need inspiration or are up for an adventure, you've got to follow this lady. Jump on board now because her writing career will soon be as successful as her career as a pilot!

Check out Karlene's personal blog here:
You can also find her on the Scribe Sisters blog here:
And on Twitter here:


  1. Heather, Thank you so much for your kind words! But you forgot to tell everyone that it was you who inspired me to blog and to become a member of twitter. Thanks to you I have met so many incredible people, and found a strong support team out there in the Twitter universe. Writers, Pilots, Motivators, Students... and all-around great people.
    But mostly I am thankful for your support and friendship. Destiny comes to mind when I think of how all four of us met in Hawaii last year. We met as strangers, developed Scribe Sisters together, and became real sisters in the process. I hope to make you proud with my YA... coming soon.
    Thank you for all you do for everyone.
    Heather, you are a true inspiration!

  2. Aw, you got me all teary eyed! That's just like you to turn a post all about you into being about me. See how awesome she is peeps?!

  3. She sounds quite awesome! What an adventure of a life. Lucky.

    Also, she doesn't look like a grandma ;)

    I'm off to check out her blog!!

  4. Yay! And "duh" I never put two and two together and realized you were part of Scribe Sisters. Silly me. I love that blog too.

  5. It's wonderful to see friends supporting one another! :D

  6. That's a great word to describe her Olleymae! Awesome kind of encompasses Karlene!

    LOL! Sorry Lisa, I thought you knew I was one of the Scribe Sisters! Guess my secret double identity is blown!

    Thanks Amanada! That's what great writers are all about. :)

  7. MBW... I love you! But I "feel" like a grandma! lol. Thank you for checking out my blog.

  8. Lisa, yeah on Scribe Sisters! Sometimes I have a hard time connecting the is a small world for sure! Heather was our inspiration behind the Scribe Sisters... and it shows!

  9. Amanda, it is wonderful supporting friends! And... so much fun when they succeed. Thank you for the follow. I'm looking forward to watching your success take wings and fly!

  10. I've always wanted my pilot's license! Actually...I've always wanted to fly a bi-plane or a tri- like the Red Baron. Don't tell me she's done that too, else I'll be terribly jealous :)

  11. It wouldn't surprise me if she has Lorel! LOL! I'll have to ask her to stop by and tell us!


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