Monday's Muse~The Dawning

Now that the conference is behind me and I've joined the query wars with To Ride A Puca, I am turning my attention to my next novel. This is the exciting time that I like to think of as pre-dawn when the light is just breaking over the horizon and I'm starting to catch the first glimpse of what my new manuscript will be like. And I've got to tell you, I'm loving what I see. Excitement is already starting to build as I'm working on character development and the beginnings of an outline.

The outlining and character development stage does give me a lot of time to read though, which I love! I just finished The Vespertine by Saundra Mitchell. Oh wow people, RUN out (or click on the title) and get this book quick! It is part historical, part paranormal/magical realism, and all awesome. Saundra makes me strive to write better and reminds me of why I love to read. The Vespertine is beautifully written and that is putting it mildly. Now I'm reading From Dark Places by E.J. Newman and it is filled with eerie, dark short stories that I'm devouring as I wait for her debut novel this July. Be sure to click on the title and check it out too!

As for music inspiration I bought the new Avril Lavigne CD Goodbye Lullaby and I'm sorry to say it doesn't have her usual spark. It's good, don't get me wrong, it just isn't as edgy I'm used to from her. What inspired you last week? Any new books you've read that you enjoyed? What about music?
This photo is one I took in Hawaii in 2009 while on a catamaran cruise. The sunrises and sunsets there are some of the most inspiring I have ever seen.


  1. I wish you luck with crafting your new novel and in querying for To Ride A Puca.

    My present Kindle book, RITES OF PASSAGE, is a historical fantasy, too. Set in 1853, it is TOMBSTONE meets THE TITANIC meets HELLRAISER. Wish me luck with it, Roland

  2. Querying wars. :)

    Good luck starting the new novel. It is an exciting time. There's such a thrill within a new idea. It's the formulating it that sometimes makes me shiver. Have fun with it!

  3. Good morning Heather! What a beautiful picture. This is my Muse too. When I was young I spent many hours sitting on the short watching boats glide by. Dreaming of where they would take me. I always thought I would end out at sea, sailing away from my life. But then I looked to the sky.

    I too and reading from dark places. E.J. Newman is a fabulous author!
    I'm excited for her debut novel too.

    Thank you for the Monday inspiration!

  4. Roland, best of luck with Rites of Passage! Wow, that makes me wish I had an ereader! It sounds like a novel I would love. Thank you for your good luck.

    Salarsen, me too. The outlining process is the most grueling for me because it can take so long.

  5. Shannon, you will LOVE it!

    Karlene, I love that you watched the ships come and go. That sounds like there is a story in there! I know what you mean, I can hardly wait for E.J.'s debut novel!!!

  6. That picture is so beautiful, Heather. Could stare at it for hours, and feel inspired. I just clicked on the title and ordered The Vespertine! Once you'd read us the opening lines when we were together last week, I knew I would have to have it. Can't wait!

  7. I feel like the chaos has begun to ebb and I have free reign to attack my new WIP like I've been hoping to. I have City of Fallen Angels on my Kindle waiting for me too. And I'm looking for good music for the playlist for my new WIP. Good luck on yours!!

  8. Already thinking of a new MS! OMG! You rock! :D
    And I agree with the rest, this pic is awesome.

  9. Good luck with the querying! And with the shiny new idea. :) Thank you for the book if I don't already have enough on my pile. *shrugs* At least I can never complain of being bored (not that I have for years...).

  10. Linda, you're going to love it so much!

    Lisa, yay for the chaos passing! It sounds like we'll be starting out new WIP's at the same time!

  11. Monica, the ideas just won't stop! LOL! Plus I like to keep busy while I'm submitting. It keeps me sane. :)

    Kristie, thank you so much! You're welcome for the suggestions! Trust me, they'll be worth adding to the pile.

  12. So excited for your querying! I'll have to start thinking about what's coming up on my horizon too soon.

  13. Congrats on querying. How exciting. And thanks for the heads up on THE VESPERINE.

  14. I have my next book already outlined, but I realized today I need to start planting the seeds for another project since I know how long it takes for the ideas to spring to life. Of course, a few moments later, a few ideas started to make their voice heard. Gotta love that!

    Good luck with the query wars. My fingers are crossed that you will come out victorious. (cue the victory music)

    Oh, and I agree with you about Avril's new album, though I do love her first single. :D

  15. Lydia, thank you! I'll be happy to have you join me when you're ready!

    Natalie, thank you! It is exciting. I'm really thrilled about this book so fingers crossed! Enjoy The Vespertine!

    Stina, you're ahead of me then! I do love it when ideas start to sprout! Thank you so much for the crossed fingers. :)

  16. That photo is absolutely gorgeous--you're not kidding when you say the sunsets and sunrises there are inspiring!

    I'll have my fingers crossed for you re: query wars. It's funny how all a writer has to say is that they're in the query trenches, and every other writer who's been there is instantly on board. I feel your pain... :)

    Is there anything more exciting than the first flush of love for a new project?

  17. Indeed I'm not Meagan! Somehow the sunsets and sunrises in Hawaii just seem different, other worldly even. Thank you so much for the crossed fingers, it is MUCH appreciated! The trenches is where we all come together, so true!


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