Writers Road Chat Recap: Approaching Editors

There are 2 types of editors you may approach in your career, freelance and publishing house editors. Each approach differs #WritersRoad

In today's incredibly tough market, you need every advantage you can get. Freelance editors can give you that. #WritersRoad

Freelance editors can help you tighten your work and prepare it so it stands out in a good way. #WritersRoad

I'm using a freelance editor for the next two novels. No matter how good I think I am, I can't do it alone. #writersroad

And you can use the experience to learn and improve your writing for the future as well. #WritersRoad

HeatherMcCorkle But only if they're good. How do you know if they are? #writersroad

Choose freelance editors carefully. Ask friends, other clients, do your research. Get a sample edit. #WritersRoad

And, make sure the freelance editor's style works well with what you want and expect. #WritersRoad

We are never too old or too experienced to learn how to improve. Seek out those that will educate you. #editors #WritersRoad

Good place to meet editors is at conferences/conventions. Pitch ideas at pitch sessions, not in bathrooms ;-) #writersroad

An editor is a necessary part of your creative process. You give them the bones, they help you grow the body. #WritersRoad

I met my editor at a writers's festival. Always a good reason to get out of the house! #writersroad

Know your story inside and out before you even attempt a pitch. Editors want to be rapt. Make that happen. #WritersRoad

And also, if I may boast . . . this is in the USA as of today! amazon.com/Autumn-Palace-… #writersroad OK, I'll calm down now.

Also use editing tools before you send to editors #WritersRoad

Sample edits are something every freelancer does. Don't be afraid to ask for a small one to ensure you're compatable. #WritersRoad

I'll put in a great plug for Tee! RT @teetate @HeatherMcCorkle LOL I'm running a sale. Trying to get some clients. :P #WritersRoad

Don't let big price tags scare you off. Some freelance editors are very affordable and excellent. #WritersRoad such as our own @teetate

If you want to save money on editing costs, put in as much work as you can first. #writersroad

HOWEVER. Do NOT use a freelance editor as an excuse not to edit. Edit very well, then employ them. #WritersRoad

You want an editor who is going to be a good fit and offer constructive ways to make your book the best it can be. #writersroad

So how do you know your MS is ready to hand off to an editor? Some of us could revise into oblivion! #WritersRoad

@Loriprima Good Q. Once you've gone over it multiple times and it feels polished, but you still need input, then it's time. #WritersRoad

Myself, I do five intensive rounds of editing, looking for different things each time. Then employ a freelancer. #WritersRoad

Whether you are going to sub to agents or self-pub, a freelancer can help you succeed. #WritersRoad

For my MS, after I revised and had several rounds with beta readers, I retained @teetate for comprehensive edits. 1/2 #WritersRoad

It's in a writer's best interest to turn over as clean a manuscript as possible - ensures faster turnaround and fewer errors. #WritersRoad

Knowing Tee went through both content and grammar/line edits gave me the confidence that I had a viable MS. #WritersRoad

Ditto. RT @overdunne: @Loriprima I usually take it to a point where I CAN'T STAND IT anymore. Then I send it off. #WritersRoad

I love that my editor offers great ideas on where to take things. I'm too close to the project to be objective. #writersroad

On the other end of the spectrum, you can approach some publishing house editors. But be really, really ready. #WritersRoad

On the other end of the spectrum, you can approach some publishing house editors. But be really, really ready. #WritersRoad

@HeatherMcCorkle So what would be the proper procedure for doing this? #WritersRoad

Ifr you have polished, then put your work through a freelance editor, and want to approach a pub house editor, then its time. #WritersRoad

@AllisonDuke The best way is meeting them & pitching, 2nd best is open submission times. #WritersRoad

When looking for an editor, search their name on Amazon (many authors incl. them as a contributor). Read what you can. 1/2 #WritersRoad

That isn't to say that you should bypass agents, but just know that you can directly sub to pub house editors. #WritersRoad

I've read many books w/ editors listed as contributors & have decided NOT to use them b/c of the book's quality. 2/2 #WritersRoad

I have an awesome editor, she used to work for a big publishing house and now freelances. She pulls no punches and I'm grateful #WritersRoad

Agents can get you great deals, take your book to auction, all kinds of things. But, that isn't the only route open to you. #WritersRoad

Agents can get you great deals, take your book to auction, all kinds of things. But, that isn't the only route open to you. #WritersRoad

Would I still recommend an agent? Absolutely. Would I sub to editors w/out one? Absolutely.Circumstances pending. #WritersRoad

@HeatherMcCorkle just reminds me that everything is not cookie cutter. Find what works for your situation #WritersRoad

Editors replace publishers for quality assurance? - Covers could show their stamp of approval #WritersRoad

@HeatherMcCorkle There are so many more options than even 3 years ago. Publishing is changing so fast. #writersroad

It's also ok to disagree with an editor. But remember if an editor's eye stopped on a word/phrase/plot point, others will too. #WritersRoad

Bottom line: Don't submit a manuscript to anyone that isn't HIGHLY polished. #WritersRoad

Not sure if you need a freelance editor? How is your pacing, grammar, plot, twists, character arcs, tense, passive voice? #WritersRoad

If your answer to any of this is that you aren't sure, then you need a freelance editor. #WritersRoad

The industry is changing. You have to adjust. Be willing to learn from someone who is experienced. #WritersRoad


  1. Awesome twitter chat. I totally missed it, so thanks for sharing here. I have an amazing freelance editor, and I did a TON of research to find her. Everyone deserves an awesome editor.


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