Writers Road: Problem Solving

My writer's problem is patience. I've submitted a short story to a few places and now I have to wait to see if someone bites. #writersroad

Okay one prob my MC has to deal with is a lunch mate putting down the sacrifices she has to make, how do I to extend that? #writersroad

@annikkawoods Good one! I have that problem every time I submit anything. The key is too keep busy on your next project. #WritersRoad

@teetate @annikkawoods Yep. Write something else. Keeps ou from going insane waiting. #WritersRoad

@annikkawoods When I refocus and look forward to the next project, it helps me be patient. #WritersRoad

@teetate @HeatherMcCorkle I'm working on my 2nd novel. I figured out how to solve the POV problem I was running into. #writersroad

@Fida_Islaih It depends. Is the char using this or listening to it? #writersroad

@Nightveil @teetate I have multiple projects I'm working on. Picking one is usually the problem. :D #writersroad

@Fida_Islaih Great question! By extend, do you mean how do you elaborate on it and make it more of a feature? #WritersRoad

Problem #1--3rd person POV is making me crazy! Any tips for how to keep it close & meaningful storytelling? Resource recs? #writersroad

@teetate She's a part of it not listening in if that's what you mean. #writersroad

@Fida_Islaih Make sure we see lunch mate in more than a few scenes. Make them a minor nemesis. #WritersRoad

@KrissiDallas Great question! I like to do it by writing 'close 3rd person'. It's gets you more in their head. #WritersRoad

@HeatherMcCorkle I'm splitting the book into 2 sections. I'm telling the story from his pov 1st & switching to hers to finish. #writersroad

@Fida_Islaih I just meant, is she letting it impact her? Is she using it to fuel her determination? #WritersRoad

@HeatherMcCorkle She's a young child for part of the book so I couldn't do her POV alternating w/his. So I figured this worked. #writersroad

@HeatherMcCorkle Explain techniques for keeping it "close"-how much personal voice can you put into that in sentence structure? #writersroad

@HeatherMcCorkle @KrissiDallas Seconded. Gives you the benefit of 3rd without some of the limitations of 1st. #WritersRoad

@HeatherMcCorkle No. He goes insane and she's left to deal with the aftermath from that. #writersroad

@Nightveil I'm trying to do that. I'm putting in more problems between the two of them, but elaborating can be hard. #writersroad

@KrissiDallas Thoughts that aren't 'thoughts' per see. As in, not exact quotes, but getting you in their head. #WritersRoad

@KrissiDallas @HeatherMcCorkle I think close is good as long as as you avoid authorial intrusion. #WritersRoad

@Fida_Islaih Be sure to explore how it makes her feel, that will help flesh it out. #WritersRoad

Ex. Can narrator say: 'He was so stinking cute' vs. 'She found him to be adorable'? Am I making sense? I don't think I am…Ha. #writersroad

@KrissiDallas Also a lot of feelings, using the senses, to connect the reader to the character more helps. #WritersRoad

#writersroad Antihero MC. Dexter-like, kills people. How do I make her more likable? Have ideas, would love to hear others.

@Fida_Islaih That's wonderful! Show that in her actions and feelings. #WritersRoad

@teetate @HeatherMcCorkle Give me an example of authorial intrusion… Eek. #writersroad

@KrissiDallas Absolutely, and absolutely. ;) #WritersRoad

@d_pardee Humor?Show her vulnerabilities. Dexter is likable bc he kills the bad guys...have her do something nice for someone. #writersroad

@d_pardee Give her some funny or endearing quirk… something that would make her appear relatable or normal. #writersroad

@d_pardee Make sure she has a personality that's likeable. Not easy to do with antihero. #WritersRoad

@KrissiDallas I'd maybe add something like "...his walk made her shiver" after the cute part, to tie it in with action. #WritersRoad

You guys are awesome, thanks! #writersroad

@d_pardee Give her relateable quirks, or reasons for doing what she does. Make her sympathetic in some way. #WritersRoad

@KrissiDallas @HeatherMcCorkle When you as the writer breaks the four wall, asserts an opinion, etc that is not char's thought #writersroad

Also, at end the one interested has to deal w/ parents not understanding. How do I bring that in? #writersroad

@KrissiDallas Resounding yes 2 first if this is how character would talk. When u write as them, get in their head--become them. #Writersroad

@Fida_Islaih have the char appeal to the parents emotional side. Ask if they want them happy. #writersroad

@Fida_Islaih Great suggestion! Show that they care, but don't understand and show why they don't. #WritersRoad Show, don't tell.

Interested friend has non-understanding parents and tells MC, can MC bring in her parents or is it too much? #writersroad

@Fida_Islaih Not too much at all. You can use it as tension between your MC and her friend. #WritersRoad

@Fida_Islaih If this story is primarily about young MC's, I'd use this as opportunity to grow MC without aid of parents. #writersroad

@Fida_Islaih Parents can act as mentors/sages, but let the MC be the one to confront conflicts. (Assuming it's YA.) Make sense? #writersroad

Risky:right now I have interested friend being kicked out of home & taken in by MC's parents. Ever since beginning I was iffy. #writersroad

@Fida_Islaih I like that, it adds a lot to the story. #WritersRoad

@HeatherMcCorkle @Fida_Islaih Totally agree. I'm actually big on bringing parents in to storylines. Just make sure MC grows! #writersroad

@d_pardee Definitely give her someone she fiercely loves, cherishes, & protects like a friend or relative. This is endearing. #writersroad


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