Writers Road Recap: Scary Stories

As a special treat, last Monday we shared scary stories in honor of October. Some are true, some legend. See if you can tell which...

Well I took my kids (true story) to this haunted pirate inspired theme park over the weekend. #WritersRoad

#WritersRoad until, I think we are exiting this noisy "hotel" with chainsaw wielding monsters... #hotelhell

@StacySorrells No! Not chainsaw wielding monsters. *shivers* #WritersRoad

#WritersRoad thinking we will be back near the crowd...we weren't. We were in an eerily quiet cornfield

@StacySorrells Now I really am freaked out. I don't do cornfields. #WritersRoad

Yes! #WritersRoad and this cornfield was heavy with mist and there I was with my two terrified children trying to get out..trying to find

@HeatherMcCorkle Hmmm.... man in a cabin, just him & the dog. He wakes up to a *drip, drip, drip* sound. #WritersRoad

@HeatherMcCorkle He's about to get up, but his dog licks his hand, meaning all should be well. So he goes back to sleep. #WritersRoad

#WritersRoad, I was thrown for a loop and was only holding it together for my kids. As the last large scary scarecrow

@HeatherMcCorkle Less than an hour later, hr hears it again. *Drip, drip, drip* Once again, the dog licks his hand. #WritersRoad

#WritersRoad I said, "Just to let you know I have my pepper spray ready" I mean you never know in the bay area

@HeatherMcCorkle Thinking is *has* to just be the faucet or something, he goes to sleep. The next morning, his dog is missing. #WritersRoad

#WritersRoad, but we survived and entered the rest of the houses...okay some I had to do alone, but that one was the worst. The image of

@HeatherMcCorkle He steps outside to look, and his dog is DEAD on the front porch. Gutted. Blood everywhere. And a note on door #WritersRoad

@LurchzPrincess @HeatherMcCorkle NOOOO! Not the dog! #writersroad

@HeatherMcCorkle The note says.... "People can lick, too." #WritersRoad

that last Scarecrow #WritersRoad coming at me in the misty cornfield was awesome. Going to have to photoshop something like it.

@chrstinef Seriously?! Wow! #WritersRoad

Changed her name to protect me (I was in elementary school). Made for an interesting childhood #WritersRoad

of the same apartment, the current owner is woken by the sound of voices on his balcony. #WritersRoad

@Nightveil @teetate I wondered about that too. Lotta cops for 2 skinny dudes #WritersRoad

It's two men. Chatting. They glare at the man when he asks what they're doing on his balcony. #WritersRoad

@teetate And...?! #WritersRoad

They jump off the balcony, three stories down and disappear into the French Quarter crowd. #WritersRoad

They jump off the balcony, three stories down and disappear into the French Quarter crowd. #WritersRoad

All these things are documented. And are scary as hell! #WritersRoad

@teetate No way! True story? #WritersRoad

@teetate What the? #WritersRoad what are they?

@teetate So they were undead to begin with? No way! #WritersRoad

@HeatherMcCorkle yeah. That was one of the stories on the vampire tour. I'm telling you. That tour scared the crap outta me #WritersRoad

@teetate Moral of the story...beware New Orleans! ;) #writersroad

I don't know, I've read a lot of scary books an all it did was first make me a jumpy person, then desensitized me #writersroad

Seems that the key to "scary" stories is not so much the ick or creep factor, but the tension of the suspense. #WritersRoad

@LM_Preston True. The challenge is coming up with new ways to freak out readers. #WritersRoad

There were all sorts of creepy stories about that place. I lived there for 7 months. The creep factor was high the entire time. #WritersRoad

@chrstinef I used to want to work in forensics. SO glad I didn't go into it though. *shivers*

@chrstinef being a Profiler isn't as glamourous as you think, lol! Have a friend that did it. Writing Thrillers more exciting #Writersroad

Yeah, have to freak out readers that love the genre and expect their horror to be smart and unpredictable #writersroad @HeatherMcCorkle


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