WritersRoad Chat Recap: Promotion Do's and Don't's

Self promotion is excpected even when you publish traditionally. Just what that entails is the tricky part. #WritersRoad

Don't spam on social networks. It's ok to talk about your book, but it shouldn't be the only thing you talk about. #WritersRoad

@HeatherMcCorkle At the very least a website, Twitter and Facebook accounts. #WritersRoad

@Nightveil Agreed! Those are must haves for an author. I also recommend Google +. Big #writing community there. #WritersRoad

@HeatherMcCorkle True. And maybe a little more focused community, too. #WritersRoad

@Nightveil I'm a big fan of Pinterest too. It's a great way to share inspiring photos with fans. #WritersRoad

If you mention your book 2-3 in a day, that's probably okay. If that's ALL you do you're doing it wrong. #WritersRoad

Do create a newsletter and an easy way to sign up for it. It can be your greatest resource. #WritersRoad

@HeatherMcCorkle For email newsletters, take a look at mailchimp.com #WritersRoad

When it comes to newsletters: Don't spam your subscribers. Once a month, or just when there is news is best. #WritersRoad

Remember that you're not just marketing your book, you're marketing yourself. Focus on maintaining your brand. Whatever that is.#WritersRoad

Do blog tours but establish relationships with bloggers before if possible. #WritersRoad

If you're going to pay for a blog tour, DO your research. Ask other authors who they used. #WritersRoad

music celebs have third party Twitter *pushers* that do heavy lifting promotion-wise so as not to clutter the main acct #WritersRoad

@HeatherMcCorkle But still be wary. I used a blog tour site that an author friend used. Total different experience & not good. #WritersRoad

@HeatherMcCorkle My last blog tour I did myself and was organized and it turned out great. #WritersRoad

My tried, tested, and most importantly, trusted, book blog tour gal: xpressoreads.com #WritersRoad

When setting up blog tour, don't go for quantity over quality. Look at the blog's reach and influence outside of other writers #WritersRoad

If you're going to pay for advertising, DO be careful. There are a lot of bad ones out there. #WritersRoad

Don't forget your friends who blog, tweet, FB, ect. They can be a huge help. Just give what you get. #WritersRoad

If you self publish, may be worth it to give fair distance to pub date to allow buzz and anticipation to build #WritersRoad

Don't be afraid to shout out good news. Like this: RT @teetate two blogs with 25k followers each blurbbed my book. #WritersRoad

There's some really influential reviewers on GoodReads. Some king/ queen makers. Find them and get an arc to them. #WritersRoad

@Chris_Ledbetter Yes, but beware, there are also some downright mean and nasty reviewers on Goodreads too. #WritersRoad

@Chris_Ledbetter There was recently a bad rash of bullying of authors going on over there. #WritersRoad

Don't be afraid to ask for reviews, but DO make the requests personal instead of generic. #WritersRoad

@plynne_writes @HeatherMcCorkle I would love to learn more about how to plan a blog tour. Any advice? #WritersRoad

@Chris_Ledbetter Agreed, some of my favs are on there. It's still a good community. #WritersRoad

Try to get into as many cover contests and trailer contests as you can #WritersRoad

@sarahdtowne Sure, build your list of friends/bloggers early, or use a reputable blog tour service. #WritersRoad

Tips To Run The Optimal Goodreads Giveaway: dld.bz/cShJb @PublishingLLC #WritersRoad

@sarahdtowne I have lots of advice & should blog about it. One bit is be super organized. Make a spreadsheet. #WritersRoad @HeatherMcCorkle

Do something big for release day. The more sales you have in one day, the better. Boosts your book onto lists. #WritersRoad

Strategic Ways To Use Pinterest to Market Your Book and Your Author Brand: dld.bz/cRDgR @writerplatform #marketing #WritersRoad

1000 sales over the course of a month won't get you up on lists, 1000 in a day likely will. #WritersRoad

Getting on lists is what gets your book seen. It's a mysterious, yet vital route to success. #WritersRoad

DO NOT review your own book on any site. Even under a pseudonym. People will find out. People will be angry. #WritersRoad

Do watch your sales during a promotional gig to track what works. #WritersRoad

Don't watch your sales all the time. You'll go crazy and a little blind. #WritersRoad

Think of all the places you've lived before and still have ties. Do book signings there with plenty of notice and publicity. #WritersRoad

When going to a city for a signing, try to send a book to a local newspaper/ arts periodical in advance. #WritersRoad

Do establish a relationship with your local bookstores beforehand, especially indie stores. #WritersRoad

In all of this remember to be personal and personable. If you come across as fake no amount of marketing will help you. #WritersRoad

Don't respond to negative reviews unless it's to say 'thank you for reading'. It could get ugly if you do. #WritersRoad

Do remember that your book won't be for everyone and that that's ok. #WritersRoad

@HeatherMcCorkle ESPECIALLY on certain sites. Just don't respond at all, I'd say. #WritersRoad

Somebody mentioned starting your marketing push early. True. By the time you get sick of seeing the tweet/post... #WritersRoad

...your audience is really just starting to see it through the noise. #WritersRoad

Don't spend so much time marketing that you stop #writing. Always make time for it! #WritersRoad

@HeatherMcCorkle I think this is the best advice ever! #WritersRoad The story is what matters most!

Stuff you write for book marketing DOES NOT count toward your word count for the day. Ever. #WritersRoad


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