Monday's Muse~Larry Elmore

This week is all about dragons. This picture is by my all time favorite fantasy artist Larry Elmore. His paintings have inspired me so much over the years that he is my go to artist for when I need something thought provoking. Larry Elmore will always be the fantasy artist as far as I'm concerned. Larry has done numerous covers for the role-playing magazines Dungeon and Dragon (yep, two seperate magazines) and you've probably seen his work on the covers of dozens of fantasy novels. Check out more of his fabulous art at his website here:

Last week's song was The Prophecy by Iron Maiden. Don't judge until you check it out! Remember, I told you I was diverse! You can listen to a bit of it here:


  1. Gorgeous! My dad is a huge fantasy art collector (books, posters, calendars), and this looks so familiar. I bet if I spent time cruising through his collection I would find some Elmore!

  2. It is isn't it? I bet you would find some Elmore in your dad's collection! Elmore has been painting fantasy probably longer than I've been alive. That's great that your dad is a fantasy art collector!

  3. P.S. Did the autumn forest header win? Still totally love it!

  4. Another great pic, Heather! I should start doing a Monday Muse myself and share some of my own collection of inspiring pic!

    I like to listen to classical or any instrumental or nature music when I write, I like something without lyrics as it can be distracting with.

  5. I remember all those Elmore and Easley covers from Dungeons & Dragons. I loved those! Later, Brom and Royo became my favorite fantasy artists. I've always loved Michael Whalen too. Of course, now that my husband paints, I have to tell him he's the best :)

  6. The autumn picture did win Portia!

  7. You should Lindsey! I'd love to see what inspires you. I like to listen to soundtracks as well. Braveheart is a go to soundtrack for me when I'm writing!

  8. Yes Lorel, I loved Brom and Royo too! And Michael Whalen is fantastic. I have a coffee table art book of his.


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