Twitter Tuesday~Anne Riley

Anne Riley is an up and coming author from Birmingham Alabama who is represented by Alanna Ramirez of Trident Media Group. I came across Anne on Twitter (are you starting to see why it's my go to site?!) and we've been chatting away ever since. As a woman who lists Stephanie Meyer and J.K. Rowling among her favorite authors, clearly we have much in common! Her tweets are funny, sometimes heart warming, and always entertaining. She isn't one of those folks who will fill up your Twitter page with rambling tweets about nothing. Whenever I see her avatar I know the tweet is going to be something helpful or funny.

Anne is a huge supporter of aspiring authors and often does what she calls Pre-Famous Author Interviews on her blog. How can you not love that? She goes a step farther and regularly posts spotlights on literary agents. Just this week she spotlighted her own agent, Alanna, who was kind enough to stop by the blog and answer all kinds of questions for Anne's followers. Anne also hosts contests from time to time in which you can score a great book. Be sure to keep an eye on this one, with such a positive and giving attitude she's going to go far. And you're going to love her writing!

You can find Anne on Twitter here:
And be sure to check out her fabulous blog here:


  1. Thanks for another great recommendation. I off to visit Anne's blog.

  2. Aw, thanks so much, Heather! That's really sweet. I am going to link to this on my blog!

  3. Heather, I have been following Anne since you had told me about her, and you are so correct. She is funny, warm, and and incredible woman with many talents. I have enjoyed her tweets. And thank you for introducing me to twitter. Another joy in my life.

  4. You'll love her Alissa, she's funny, entertaining and warm-hearted!

  5. I knew you'd like Twitter Karlene! And I knew you'd like Anne. I haven't steered you wrong yet ;)


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