Monday's Muse~Winged Man

When I found this picture I could hardly believe it because it felt like the artist had reached inside my mind and plucked out a scene from my book. Despite an intensive search I couldn't come up with a website for him, but I did find his name. This heart pounding painting is by Joe Costello. I found a website for a Joe Costillo, but I’m pretty sure that isn't him. If anyone is able to find Costello's website leave me a message so I can check out more of his work and steer people toward him.

So why am I inspired by a painting of a winged man when I'm writing about dragons? Sorry, you'll have to wait to find that out. No worries though, I'm only a few chapters away from finishing the first draft. I plan on running it through several edits throughout the month of April and then submitting it to my agent in May! Its hard to believe I'm almost done with the first draft of this book. . .

Last week's song was Drums Of Doom by Manowar. Very appropriate for the chapter I was working on! Check it out here:

As for reading material to keep my mind creative, I'm reading Hex Hall by Rachelle Hawkins. So far so good, though I haven't had much time to sit down with it.
Last week I made great progress on the novel I'm working on, Grendar's Tale. In fact, just last night I nearly reached the end. I'm literally a few sentences away! I can't wait to finish and start editing. This novel was a blast to write and has really inspired me for the next one, another young adult fantasy!


  1. For some reason that picture isn't loading for me, but I think it's my computer, which is behaving very strangely. Great job on all the work you were able to get done this weekend. It's a great ( if a little bit bittersweet) feeling to come to the end of a novel.

  2. Whoo-hoo for almost finishing your rough draft! P.S. I left an award for you on my blog!

  3. Sorry Alissa, it looks like Blogger is having a few issues today. Several things don't seem to want to load. I hope you'll check back later cause it's a really captivating picture! You're so right about reaching the end of a project. It's rewarding and yet sad at the same time!

  4. Thanks Samantha, I'll have to click on over :)

  5. I can't see the picture, either, but you sound so happy today. Congrats on being sooooo close to the end! :-)

  6. Thanks Shannon, I am! Several pictures aren't coming up on here now and I'm having issues with other people's blogs. Hopefully Blogger works it out soon! Check back!

  7. Great picture and congrats on being so close to finishing your first draft.

  8. Wow. Isn't that a wonderful feeling? All that work and you're seeing the light at the end. But a little bitter sweet too.
    And then the work of editing.
    Ooops Did I spoil it for you?

    Anyway, that is a great picture. Funny how we run into these--I don't want to call them coincidences. They're more. It's like we are on some inner path that other people are on, and we just sort of bump a little bit. I know there's a word for it, but I can't come up with it right now.

    Have a great week!

  9. I can see the picture... and I love it! Very cool. And you are progressing nicely on your book, way to go!!!

  10. Sounds like a great book! It's really cool when you find something that fits like that picture, isn't it? There's this one song that always makes me think of one of my manuscripts, my kids call it my "lucky" song.

  11. Thanks Sarah! I wrote the last words yesterday then realized there's a whole chapter I HAVE to write!

    Don't worry Lorelei, you didn't ruin it for me at all. I LOVE the editing process even more than the writing process! I know what you mean, sometimes it's like we're sharing our path with other artists. That's a beautiful thing.

  12. Thanks Karlene! Now if I can just quit adding scenes I'll be 'done'!

    Thank you Lisa, I'm truly flattered :) A lucky song, I like that. My book has a song too!

  13. I can see the pic but I've had trouble visiting blogs the past couple of days, the page just locks up or the pictures won't load.

    I'm very intrigued by the dragon/winged man statement! WTG on the finishing of the novel!

  14. That looks a bit too much like a character in *my* book. Maybe I should change the wing color?

  15. LOL! We must be on the same wave length Lorel! Great minds think alike ;)


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