Super Comments Award

Lindsey Edwards from The Write Words blog has awarded me (among a few fabulous others) the Super Comments award! Since I take my commenting responsibilities very seriously I'm truly honored to receive this award. When I follow a blog it's because I'm intrigued, entertained, or inspired by something in the blog, the writer, or both. I love connecting with those I follow and commenting on their entries is one way to do that. Supporting both aspiring and already published authors is a mission of mine and commenting and following their blogs is one way I love to do that. On that note I feel compelled to pass the Super Comments Award on to another five of my best commenters. Please click on their names to check out their fabulous blogs!

Alissa Grosso's:
Karlene Petitt:
Anne Riley's:

I have many more wonderful followers (and the occasional passerby) who comment regularly and I love each and every one of you! It always makes me smile when I see I have a comment awaiting moderation.


  1. I love the Panda Award. Congrats!! :-)

  2. Congratulations Heather! You deserve this award more than anyone I know. Not only are your comments super... but your blogs are incredible. I enjoy reading everything you have to say!!! Thank you for being YOU!

  3. Thanks Shannon! I should have made it six and awarded you as well! I love your comments and always look forward to them. I realized I wasn't following your blog *gasp*. But no worries, I've remedied that! Everybody check out Shannon's blog here:

  4. *discreetly hands money to Karlene under the table* :)

  5. Thanks, Heather, and congratulations to all the winners!

  6. Oh, wow, thanks! This is the nicest award I have ever received :-) Plus, it's so pretty!

  7. You're welcome Alissa and Portia! I love both of your blogs and couldn't resist introducing more people to your greatness. You ladies rock!

  8. WHOOT! You so deserve this Heather that's why I had to award you! I second what Karlene Petitt said!


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