Monday's Muse~Dragons & Hawaii

How could I not look at this picture and be inspired? You can almost hear the crackling fire and smell the burning flesh. This picture takes me back to some of the first fantasy books I ever read. Ironically~considering the picture~it stirs up comforting memories of good times and great stories. Unfortunately I have no idea who the artist is so if anyone knows please leave me a comment so I can give them credit, attach a link, and check out more of their work!

This week was another two chapter week. I was so inspired that my right hand cramped up in protest after two 1,000 word days. A warm cup of coffee works wonders to relax that by the way! This second picture is of Waimea Canyon on Kauai, one of the islands of Hawaii. The Hawaiian Islands are one of my go to places when I'm looking for inspirational pictures that make me think of other worlds. That could be part of why I like Hawaii so much.

This week since I had two chapters I picked two very different songs. The first is Allison Iraheta's You Don't Know Me

And the second is Manowar's Battle Hymn

To hold myself accountable I thought I'd also start posting my progress for the week on Monday's Muse. Last week was a big one for me, I wrote over 5400 words! My weekly goal is 4200 words so I'm pretty happy with that. :) You'll notice the progress bar on my work in progress over there on the right has moved by leaps and bounds. I love that!


  1. Congrats on getting so much done this week! I have been getting a lot done, but more in the non-writing writing category.

    I do love that dragon picture! I absolutely love dragons and they often show up in my novels.

  2. Love the 2nd pic... might as well write a poem based on it. thanks and keep on writing!

  3. Thanks Harley! It feels great to get a lot of writing done. But now I have to take your great example and get non-writing things done! Dragons are the bomb aren't they?!

  4. Glad I could inspire you Fida! Can't wait to read it!

  5. Heather, Monday's Muse is fantastic...and inspiring. Congrats on your great success this week. Do you know how hard it is to not look at my novel? She has been my life since September. If I didn't have blogging...I would be in withdrawals. Karlene

  6. 5400 words is terrific! I love a satisfying word count.

  7. Congrats on the good writing week! 5,400 is awesome. I love the photo. The gold for some reason reminds me of Piers Anthony's series, Dragon's Gold, although it's clearly not from the series. So vivid!

  8. Whoo-hoo! Congrats for getting to slide the progress bar over!

  9. I know how you feel Karlene! I hate that disconnect time between edits when you have to put the manuscript away for a while. I usually don't make it a whole month!

  10. Now that you mention it Portia, it does remind me of Piers Anthony's series.

    Thanks for the congrats on my word count everybody! It means a lot and the encouragement helps keep me pushing on!


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