Twitter Tuesday~Audry Taylor

Audry Taylor is a freelance writer and editor who has her finger~or pen rather~on the pulse of the entertainment industry. She is both the Senior Editor and Creative Director of the publishing company Go! Media Entertainment which publishes non-fiction, manga, and graphic novels aimed at the young adult market.

We met on Twitter on one of the many great chats for writers that occurs there. Audry's straight forward, unabashed way of tweeting was instantly appealing to me. She isn't the type to hide her opinions or coddle her followers. She tells it like it is and still maintains a level of light-hearted humor. I love that about her! If you want to connect with a writer who will not only be supportive but will give you that extra kick when you need it, look Audry up!

You can find her on Twitter here:
And check out her blog here:


  1. Hi Heather, Thank you for introducing me to Audry! I too love a person who is straight forward, and I'm looking forward to following her. Have a great Tuesday!


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