Twitter Tuesday~Agent Advice

Today's Twitter Tuesday is chalked full of agent advice! Diving right in, agent Sarah LaPolla warns us about the 'ly's':
@sarahlapolla Sarah LaPolla Writers: If you want to emphasize an action or emotion by adding "truly" or "really," please curb that impulse.
Agent Sandy Lu gives us her thoughts on word count:
@sandylunyc Why do I keep getting 180,000+ words #queries? Sorry, no matter how good your writing may be, that number is just too overwhelming for me.
Agent Sara Megibow drops a thought about word count as well:
@SaraMegibow It's such a relief to be reading this 55K YA submission. Seems like all YA submissions recently have been 80K.
Jane Friedman's famous list of best tweets for writers:
@JaneFriedman I've curated this list for 2+ years to help you find best links to writing advice: Best Tweets for Writers:
Editor Heather Howland of Entangled Publishing reveals their wish lists:
@HeatherHowland Check out my submission wish list and send me something awesome! RT @entangledpub: Wish List: September
Writer's Digest brings us the stories of how several authors go their agents:
@WritersDigest How These Writers Got Their Agents (And What You Can Learn From Them) -
Writer's Digest shares how to elevate our characters: 
@WritersDigest: How to Raise Your Characters Above the Status Quo 
Hopefully more than one of those is helpful to you. If I missed any great tweets feel free to leave me a link. Be sure to come back tomorrow when I announce the winners of the Tour of Secrets, and reveal a bit of a giveaway for all of you!


  1. Yay for good advice! Thanks for posting... I FINALLY caved and joined Twitter. Guess I'm going to have to start adding all these lovely agents and editors and all their good advice!

    P.s. I blog awarded you! Check it out ( :

  2. Wow, this is a helpful list today, Heather. I just bookmarked four of them! :-)

  3. As a soldier in the writer campaign, I salute you.

    Thank you for the distillation of great tweets. I particularly enjoyed the article on raising characters above the status quo.

    Best wishes on your writing.

  4. Gotta love an agent that's kind enough to give you a wish list :-)

  5. Julie, yay! I'm so glad you joined Twitter. And you gave me an award?! I don't even have a speech planned... Thank you!

    Shannon, that's excellent! I'm so glad they were helpful.

    AE, hello! Thank you for following and for your good wishes.

    Sarah, so true! It helps us so much when they do that.

  6. Heather, you've outdone your self again! These tweets are so helpful! Sorry for the !!! but heck, I call them as I see them. Thank you so much for always helping all of us writers out here in cyberspace!

  7. Loved these. I'm going to check out the WD link about agents now. Loved reading about how authors hook up with agents. :)

  8. This is great! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  9. Karlene, you're making me blush. :)

    Karen, me too! Their stories are so inspiring.

    Kathy, you're very welcome!

  10. Thanks for the quotes. I'm not on Twitter, so I'm not able to get much of this info.

  11. Really wonderful, insightful advise. I have given up on agents though. Unless they want my autograph, I do not think they want my manuscript! LOL. Always look forward to your Tuesday posts, Roland

  12. Awesome. I don't tweet, so I needed this.


  13. Great links Heather. I'm not on Twitter yet so I always appreciate learning your tidbits.

  14. Ah... Adding very, truly etc. to my list of words to watch out for! Thanks for sharing, Heather! :-)

  15. Thanks, Heather, I always love these links, and always interested in what Writers Digest is saying.

  16. Theresa, I'm glad I could help then. You should come hang out with us there!

    Roland, I'm so sorry to hear that my friend, but I know the feeling.

    Donna, excellent! Glad to help, but you should join us there too!

  17. Natalie, anything I can do to help. :)

    Crystal, lol! Me too! And you're very welcome.

    Linda, you're welcome, and thank you!

  18. My YA ms is guilty of being 80 K. The plan is for my next book to be only 65 K or less. Much quicker to edit. :D

    I've missed these twitter posts.

  19. Great stuff in here! Thanks for this post!

  20. Way too busy of a week for me - thanks for all the shortcuts to the good info.!


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