Absence Makes the Heart Grow...

You may have noticed a serious decline in the number of my posts lately. In fact, you may have noticed a major decline in the posts on a lot of your favorite blogs lately. Never fear, blogging isn't going away, it's simply evolving. There was a time where my reader box was overflowing with posts from the lovely blogs that I follow. So much so that it was impossible to keep up with. Everyone seemed to be writing a new post every day, even weekends. I even followed a few blogs that posted more than once a day.

It became so overwhelming that there was no way I could keep up reading them all. Much as I loved each one of them, if I read them all every day, I would never write books. Something I know the writer's of those blogs likely struggled with themselves. And I'm guilty myself. I wrote posts five days a week once upon a time. It was inevitable that we would slow down and take stock of the importance of our time. I love blogging, I love my readers, and I love helping other writers. I'll never stop blogging and helping other writers, I've simply slowed down and re-organized my time.

How about you? If you've an avid blogger, do you find that you've slowed down over the years? If you're an avid blog reader, do you find that people are putting up fewer posts, and does it make it easier for you?


  1. People visit when there is new content. If they visit and find no new content for several days in a row, we run the risk of losing a loyal reader.

    I try to post nearly every day. It does get wearying to do so. Now, there is the A-Z Challenge with the number of posters over a 1000! If you do not do the challenge, you run the risk of not being visited for a whole month!

    Haven't you noticed that when one of your favorite tv series goes on hiatus, you find yourself not as stoked as you once were -- perhaps not even returning?

    Just a few thoughts. :-)

    1. What I've noticed is in general most of the bloggers I've been visiting are posting less and less. Life gets busy, and as mine does too, I completely understand that.

  2. I do agree that people are posting less and visiting less. Although my blog is growing, page views and comments are down. And some of my blogger friends have just disappeared.

    I'm not troubled by people blogging a few times a week vs. everyday. Like you, I can't keep up with it otherwise. I agree it's an evolving process. But I hope people don't stop blogging and visiting friends blogs. To me, it's one of the best writer platforms there is.

    1. I couldn't agree more! Don't worry, I'll never stop visiting! :)

  3. I do think people are blogging less -- not because of anything negative, it's just that like with everything -- it's evolving. As you know I'm currently on a blogging hiatus myself.

    But for me, as long as my blogger friends post, I'll stop by -- maybe not everyday but I do love keeping up to date and "checking in."

    1. Me too! And I think hiatus' are called for now and then. I'm the type of person that will make a note when someone is on hiatus to make sure I check back with them. Like my favorite shows, once they come back, so do I. :)


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