On #WritersRoad: Evolution of Agents

Yesterday on the live #WritersRoad Twitter chat we discussed the evolution of agents. Here are some highlight tweets from the chat:

Having an agent is still the best way to get a pub deal with one of the big 6. We still need agents. #WritersRoad

@Tina_Moss: Two new agent models are emerging w/ authors who dont land traditional or epub deal... #WritersRoad

@Tina_Moss: 1) Agent-assisted self-pub where agent helps author with formatting, cover design, editing, etc. and takes 15%#WritersRoad

@Tina_Moss 2) ePub press where the agency sets up a separate ePub division. See Lori Perkins & Ravenous Romance as a model.#WritersRoad

A must check resource when searching for an agent: http://pred-ed.com/  #WritersRoad

Before searching for an agent, know your options, and know what you want out of the working relationship. #WritersRoad

Definition of a vanity press: Press that charges you for editing, cover, formatting, etc., then pubs you & takes %. #WritersRoad

With the ease of self-publishing, vanity presses help no one but themselves. Beware of them! #WritersRoad

@Tina_Moss The best part is that authors have more paths now than ever. And that is good news for authors and readers.#WritersRoad

Join us on Monday nights at 6pm Pacific time. 


  1. This great that you put these tweets together! (:

  2. Oh, love that you posted this since I missed Monday's chat.

  3. Awesome! It was a great chat. :D

  4. It sounds like it was indeed a great chat. The whole publishing world is evolving, and we must search out the currents that will take us the farthest. :-)

  5. Everyone was full of pearls of wisdom last night. :)

  6. Heather this was a great chat! One day I will make it back... I promise. But have you ever felt that your life was not your own? Thanks for sharing the highlights!

    1. I have, too often! Hang in there, someday you'll seize it back. ;)

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